Have you checked out Shop At Home lately?

Okay there are a lot of shopping at home websites to use and it does take a few extra mouse clicks to earn the money but in the long run it is worth it.  I check Upromise, Ebates, and Shop At Home and go with whichever one pays the highest percent!  Sometimes there is only 1% difference but others there is 5% or more of a difference which depending on how much you are spending it can really make a difference.  

Well if you signed up for Shop At Home back in November when I hosted a giveway but haven’t yet made a purchase, what are you waiting for?  You have 60 days to make a purchase of any amount and really most stores are listed there and you will earn $5 first-time bonus in addition to whatever you earn for shopping through Shop At Home.

For example. you can shop at Walmart.com and if you click the Walmart link through Shop At Home, you earn 3% cash back on your purchase.  If you don’t want to pay shipping, you can even choose Site to Store and still earn the 3% cash back!  It is basically easy and free money for shopping online!  

I joined Shop At Home in November and so far I have earned $103.22 and no I am not a crazy online shopper.  I did a lot of Christmas shopping and if I can I prefer to shop online to earn bonuses.  Oh and the best part is that at Shop At Home they also have a ton of coupon codes!

Have a question, ask me!  Otherwise sign up now or make sure you make at least one purchase within 60 days of joining if you already have an account so you can get your bonus!

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  1. Lana Simanovicki says

    I have never heard of this. I am going to check it out

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