Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbors Product Tests

Probably every other I receive an email from Johnson & Johnson asking if I would like to test out a product. Now it is a product for either adults or kids and of course you have to keep it confidential. You fill out a quick questionnaire and submit your information and if you qualify then you will be contacted. I have participated in two so far and each time I get to test a product and I received a monetary compensation of $10-$20.

Everything is done via email, and it is quick and easy! After you test the products you take a follow up survey, keep the remaining product, and receive your cash within a few weeks.

Program Description:

As some of you already know, J&J “Friends & Neighbors” is a diverse group of individuals willing to participate in Johnson & Johnson product studies.

The “Friends & Neighbors” group includes a wide variety of people: various ethnicities, both males & females, married or single, grandmas & grandpas, aunts, uncles, best friends, roommates; and most importantly, YOU.

Your efforts help Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies to create new products and to improve existing products that fit your daily lifestyle and needs. We value your opinions and believe that going directly to you for advice is one of the best ways we can use to meet those needs.

Study notifications are sent from us to you via email, complete with instructions on how you can participate in our research projects.

As a token of our appreciation, you could receive anywhere from $5 to $250 each time that you participate.

Click HERE to join

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  1. Love your products for myself and e children. Household name.I’ve to help n support.

  2. lana simanovicki says

    I am going to check this out

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