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Does your tween girl realize that Madame Curie is as cool as Miley Cyrus? That she can be an athlete and a “mathlete?” That she and her friends can explore the world and the mall?

They’ll learn all of this and more on SciGirls, the new weekly science show premiering on PBS stations and online nationwide February 2010. (Check local listings.)

The goal of SciGirls is bold: to change how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math. (That spells “S.T.E.M.,” the hottest topic in U.S. education today.) The program’s half-hour episodes and its destination website at showcase bright, curious girls putting S.T.E.M. to work to make the world a better place. They’re joined by two animated characters – a plucky SciGirl named Izzie and her best friend Jake, who tie the series together with their ongoing adventures.

SciGirls, which is funded by the National Science Foundation with additional support from ExxonMobil, integrates TV and the Web like never before. Each TV episode begins on the site’s homepage, where Izzie goes when she finds herself in jams that only science can fix. She surfs to the site, jumps into a video of real-life SciGirls, and follows their story, learning and exploring every step of the way. Izzie also invites viewers to hang out on the website, a totally safe social network where girls can create personal pages, design their own avatars, upload cool projects, and make friends. It’s all about tweens and screens in today’s multi-tasking world – the TV, the laptop, the phone and the iPod, and SciGirls is on them all!

On SciGirls, investigations are only limited by imagination. Shot in reality TV, verité style, girls and their mentors dive deep to investigate dolphin behavior, engineer a giant mechanical puppet, unearth the archaeological secrets of extinct Native American cultures, create an eco-friendly turtle habitat, design fierce fashions with a high-tech twist and much more.

Every girl can be a SciGirl!

The SciGirls creative team is headed by tpt Executive Producer Richard Hudson, creator of the long-running PBS children’s science series Newton’s Apple and DragonflyTV. Series Producer is Kathy Shugrue co-creator of Fetch! and producer of Zoom at WGBH. The Izzie animation is created by Soup2Nuts, producers of WordGirl. The website is being developed by Big Bad Tomato Interactive. tpt National Productions’ quality, creativity and innovation have earned both popular and critical acclaim, garnering more than 300 awards for artistic and technical achievement, including 25 national and regional Emmy Awards, the duPont-Columbia Commendation, three Peabody Awards, an Academy Award nomination and awards at major international film festivals. tpt National Productions’ websites also have been honored with Parents’ Choice and PBS Web awards, and its outreach resources have been lauded and utilized by educators, community leaders and parents nationwide.

SciGirls is generously funded by The National Science Foundation with additional support from ExxonMobil.


I was never into Science when I was younger, but after reading about this show and playing around on the free website, I think it is perfect to get girls excited about science.  I think it is important for girls to understand that it is okay to be smart and like subjects like science and math, I wish I had paid more attention to them than boys.  Even if a young girl is not a total science fan, there are still some great activities and lessons that can be learned from both the show and online.

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    I like how educational SciGirls is.

  4. Fun and educational 🙂

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    I like that the show and the website make girls think about science and it makes it interesting to them.

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    At SciGirls, I like the Fashion Tech project.

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  19. What I love about SciGirls is that it promotes interest in science by females. Females are still under-represented in the science and math fields and I love to see attempts to increase this interest.

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  24. I love how it shows girls enjoying science and thinking it’s cool. I used to be really smart (well still am), but then dumbed down in high school when I was made fun of.

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  28. I like ANYTHING that motivates children to learn and this sounds like a winner.

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  35. I think it’s awesome what PBS is teaching to make girls into Sci Girls. Girls need to know that it’s okay to be smart. My daughter would love this. We’re signing up later today.
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    I like that it shows kids (girls) how they can explore everything and learn about new things that are all around them. Thanks for the chance!
    Kelly Deaton – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  42. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    What a cute show! I like how it makes science fun and can keep kids interest.

  43. I like this whole idea. I didn’t know PBS was doing a show like this. The project I looked at in Kitchenscience was a recipe/nutrition breakdown. Something my 8yo could do with a little assistance is all. It looks like this program starts April 2 in our area, I’ll need to bookmark it to watch!


  44. I like that it motivates and excites girls in the fields of science, technology and math. The projects on the website look like a lot of fun.

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    I like that it teaches a variaty of skills such as technology math and science

  52. The SciGirls is such a great idea. I love that it gets girls interested in science. I love all the project ideas on the site.

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  60. I have a girl and scigirls gets her excited about science!

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  74. I like how they are girls promoting that science is fun and that girls can be scientists too, the site is great for project ideas and such. My daughter loves science!

  75. Frances Watson says:

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    I like the “reduce, reuse, recycle” section. It is so important to teach our kids how to protect our planet!

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    I love that it helps girls to see that science is not just for boys. I also like that it helps to make science fun!!!

  80. I like that my nieces could be encouraged to try different things and also be encouraged to learn the important sciences.

  81. I like that it’s educational and fun!!

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  83. I like that it helps get girls interested in science

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    I like that it excites girls about the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math.

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  103. WOW…that’s the coolest thing ever! Especially love the Engineering category. my husband is actually in a group trying to incorporate more science based programs in our school…especially for girls! SO Important.
    I am gonna show my daughter this!

    thanks so much!

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  105. I love the fact they encourage girls to enjoy science.

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  129. Oh! this looks wonderful! I have 13 yr. old and 5 yr. old girls and shows that empower them make me turn on the TV:) I like the website, especially that they show science videos. I’m still trying to find out what time the show comes on in my area…
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Homeschooling is just plain fun… =-.