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Every day, thousands of surveys are completed, and hundreds of dollars are split and pumped into each active user.  One lucky user receives a grand-prize of $50.00 USD.

This site runs off of the money created through the completion of surveys by it’s users.  Surveys such as, “How do you like your ground beef?”, “Opinions on travel.”, and various questions about your work, martial status, age, and lifestyle.  Each survey takes less than twenty to thirty seconds to complete, and the amount of surveys start at five for every three hours.  Upon completion of each survey, the user is rewarded with two of three things:

  • A set amount of cash. (Usually $.01 to $.05 USD.) and coins. or
  • A set amount of raffle tickets and coins.

The cash is self explanatory.  It goes into a fund until you reach the payout limit of $2.00 USD. Tickets are used by the site, and are put into a large raffle with everyone who has completed a survey that day.  The raffle is for $50.00 on normal days, and $100.00 on the final day of every month.  Coins are used to purchase more raffle tickets.  At around 8:00 PM Eastern Time, all the raffle tickets owned by the users are compiled, and a winner is chosen.  Payouts are by PayPal only, and are limited to the USA. is also one of the most simple sites I have ever been on. Almost anything you could need is in click-able format, and the graphics on the drop-down boxes, surveys, and nearly every screen.  The site is extremely original, with their own custom template and images, as well.  It’s interactive, simple, and unique, enough said.

Another feature that makes this site unique, is their “TS” or “TrustScore” system. This system allows for the older members to have an increase in raffle tickets, coins, and small cash per survey. Not only are the amounts increased, but more and more “multipliers” are randomly given to the survey total, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the amounts of each reward you receive.  Each level in the TS system also allows the user to participate in one more survey per every three hours.

Getting your friends, family, or other users to participate can nearly double your rewards, as well.  Each referral you bring to the website will deposit an equal amount of tickets, coins, and small cash for each survey.  If your recruited user earns say 52 tickets and 11 coins for one survey, you get 52 tickets and 11 coins deposited into your account as well. To be valid for this offer, you yourself must complete at least 5 surveys in one day.  This is pretty simple, as you are allowed to complete five surveys without having to wait for more.


So I first heard about this Instant Cash Sweepstakes from “Deal”icious Mom and I figured I’d try it.  I was skeptical at first because you only win pennies for taking surveys, but then I got addicted.  You take 3-5 question surveys and either receives money, tickets and/or coins.  The money can be transferred to your Paypal account after you accumulated $2.00.  Now the drawback is that it can take awhile to earn $2.00, but the surveys are fun and quick.  You can take them the surveys every few hours and only so many in a 24-hour period.

The best part:  Other than the few pennies you earn, Instant Cash Sweepstakes also awards cash prizes by lottery.  The prizes are decent, I have seen a few come across for $50, but not for me yet.  Lottery prizes are awarded to a winning lottery ticket, with the odds being random and based on how mnay lottery tickets you have in your account from winning through answering surveys.  So think of answering surveys your chance to win the lottery and earning a few coins is just a bonus!

Check out Instant Cash Sweepstakes and let me know what you think!

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  1. Very simple and straightforward, definitely worth few minutes of your time everyday!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Hi stopping by from Friday follow to say thanks for becoming a follower and now I am a follower of yours too. I can’t wait to catch up on your blog and check out your giveaways! Have a great week ahead! :o)
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Friday Follow – A Celebration of Followers :o) =-.

  4. I love this site! What a good way to kill a few minutes of spare time lol. I have $16.54 waiting to be cashed out 😀

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