Warmables Review

Many kids take peanut butter and jelly or cold sandwiches to school, because that is what they can bring that will stay fresh.  Not many schools have microwaves available for kids, nor should they really be using one there.  Well now there is a product that allows kids to bring hot home cooked food for lunch!  Warmables allow food to stay warm for 4-6 hours so if you want to send your child with leftovers or something else that is best warmed up, now you can!

Each set includes:

– The actual WARMABLES pouch, it is the insulator. It’s is made with layers of various cotton and polyester   fabrics which are then lined with nylon.

– A BPA-free plastic food storage container. It holds up to 16 oz. of food and does not leak.  It is safe to   heat and store meals in this container.

– A cherry pit bag; this is an old trick used before the time of modern heating systems; A bag of cherry pits would be put on a hearth until hot. It was then used to warm cold beds during the   winter. In our case it helps to keep your child’s lunch warm.

Here is how it works:

Fill the provided plastic container with food. Heat in microwave. Put the container with its hot contents into the WARMABLES pouch.
Heat the provided cherry pit bag in microwave.
Put it into the WARMABLES pouch along with the food container.
Take the sealed WARMABLES pouch and put it into your child’s INSULATED lunch box.
That is it; you are now ready to start feeding your kids healthier lunches, save money, produce less garbage and feel really great about all of the above. Detailed instructions can be found on our USE & CARE page and will also be sent out with each order.

Warmables also has some great benefits:

Healthier school lunches (that is to say you cook healthy meals!)

Save money by sending leftovers.

Fight childhood obesity and prevent types 2 diabetes and tooth decay – by sending healthy meals.

Environmentally friendly since Warmables is re-useable.

Made in the USA, so you are supporting our economy.


So right now Aidan is in preschool and goes only 2.5 hours a day, so his snack is usually fruit, crackers, or something else small.  Before I know it though he will be in full-day school and need to bring a regular lunch.  What is nice about Warmables though is even though it is geared towards kids lunches, my husband can use it and even I use it when we are out and about.  Like if I know we are going to be somewhere like the zoo or museum all day, I can just through Warmables into my diaper bag!  I will say though Warmables is a little bigger than I would like and it does take some squeezing to get it into my diaper bag and my son’s lunch bag.  It does say though after awhile it will become more soft and flexible as you break in the Warmables tote. The tote is leak proof and so far I have not had any problems and the cherry pit bag is pretty neat how you microwave it and put it in with your food to keep it warm!

I used this for vegetables and I checked it about 5 hours later and the vegetables were cool, but not as cold as they would have been without using the warmables.  I tried again the next day around 4 hours and the food was warm.  I would definitely recommend this to try with different foods and especially if you are going to eat it sooner than later.  It won’t hurt your food and eating leftovers over eating fast food or boring school lunches sounds worth a shot to me!

BUY IT: You can buy Warmables for Kids for $27.95 plus $5.70 shipping at Warmables website.

WANT ONE? Warmables offers a giveaway on their website every month, all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter and read it. Information on the monthly giveaway is sent out via the newsletter.

Mama’s Money Savers Disclosure:  I was sent a Warmables to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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