The Puzzle Pod Review (& Giveaway Ends 3/25)


After spending too much time looking for missing puzzle pieces and other small pieces, a mom of two preschoolers came up with the idea for The Puzzle Pod.  “It is a simple storage solution for life’s little piles! “

The Puzzle Pod is a simple and transparent product that adheres to the back of a hard surface like the back of a puzzle, board game, or any other toy packaging that has small pieces.  This way all the pieces are stored right on the toy and yet still easily accessible by kids.  The inventor couldn’t believe either that her kids enjoyed cleaning up after they were done by storing all the pieces in The Puzzle Pod.

The Puzzle Pod is sold as a set of four pods, these nifty holders are made of sturdy vinyl that won’t tear and come with pleated corners to adjust to thick crayons, bulky puzzle pieces, dice, tiles or whatever the kids can snuggly fit inside. Ideal for grownup projects too.

The Puzzle Pod isn’t just for kids. Moms like it for scrapbooking to keep scissors, glue, arts & crafts pieces and other necessities tidy and within reach. The Puzzle Pod is perfect for storing bill-paying supplies, holiday receipts, greeting cards and stamps, whatever activity needs to be neatly contained for a new day.


Before The Puzzle Pod came along I dreaded puzzle time.  I know that sounds terrible and my boys love puzzles but then they would get upset when pieces were missing.  I tried to explain that if they put away their pieces and toys were they belong they wouldn’t loose them, but they just didn’t get it.

Our puzzle storage solution was separate Ziploc bags for pieces and then when the kids wanted to work on a puzzle we played the “Which Ziploc bag contained the pieces we need?”  The Puzzle Pod allows me to store the pieces right there on the puzzle and looks so much cleaner than our beat up Ziploc bags!  We can also now take puzzles with us without fear of loosing pieces (yes I know we can still loose pieces, but the all-in-one package now makes it easier not to loose them!)

The Puzzle Pod is one of those products that if you are like me your like “Why didn’t I think of that!”  It is such a simple concept but works great!  I had also tried in the past to tape Ziploc bags to the back of puzzles but the tape either fell off or damaged the puzzle, the bags also wore poorly.  The Puzzle Pod is pretty durable and while I haven’t tried to remove it from a puzzle I don’t see that I would ever need to.

I also really love the idea of The Puzzle Pod for my own uses.  Scrapbooking supplies would go great in there or just craft supplies in general.  I think I am going to put one in my blogging binder since I am constantly looking for somewhere to store important docs and other blogging items and I haven’t found a binder yet that would work for what I need.  There really are so many uses for The Puzzle Pod!



BUY IT: Visit The Puzzle Pod online at to check it out and buy a set of four pods for $14.95.

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  2. I currently keep my little guy’s wooden puzzle pieces in boxes. He always has to ask me for the right box of pieces when he wants to do a puzzle, often having to wait a few minutes before I can do so.
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

  3. I like the idea of using it for crayons or markers. We are always losing ours.

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  9. We just keep our puzzle pieces on the boards or in the boxes.

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    We don’t organize and it’s chaos

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    I would definitely use it for puzzles!

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  22. We currently just use ziploc bags!

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    Wow! That’s great my current organization for puzzles, is that they are our of reach unless i give them out – not great I know. This would really be nice! Hope I win!

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  29. I organize puzzles like you do, in plastic bags.

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    I currently keep puzzles stacked one on top of the other, but this would be great for traveling w/ puzzles on the road.

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  60. I currently don’t organize my puzzles, which is why I NEED this! =) I am so sick of picking up the pieces.

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  64. I currently use the big size ziplock for our puzzles and hide them in a cabinet now and hand them out. tooooo many pieces.

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    This would be perfect for our puzzles because right now we don’t have any organizational method to them!

  84. Barbara Behringer says:

    I currently use ziploc bags for my husband’s puzzles but I think your Puzzle Pod would be really great for my grandchildren’s puzzles – they are 4 & 2. Thanks for the offer.

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  89. I organize puzzle in a basket, but all the pieces from all the puzzles get mixed together so it makes doing a puzzle extra challenging

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