BabyBeat Fetal Doppler Review


BabyBeat was the very first company to offer Dopplers for pregnant women to use at home and continues to be the market leader for over a decade.  They offer a “total satisfaction” guarantee as well as 3 MHz Doppler probes.  Since more than 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz because of millions of exams showing how well they work.

Features of BabyBeat Dopplers:

  • Have built-in recorders to record the heartbeat.
  • All dopplers are sterilized and professionally repackaged.
  • All BabyBeat Dopplers are regulated by FDA (not all dopplers on the market are regulated.)
  • Can pick up fetal heart tones as early as 8-9 weeks (however it is recommended to wait until 10-12 weeks.)
  • Has a 10 day exchange/refund guarantee.
  • Manufactured in the USA by a US owned company to keep up with high quality standards.


I am pregnant with our third child and I can’t believe I never thought of having a fetal Doppler at home before.  I remember when I was pregnant with our first child how much I worried and looked forward to each doctor’s appointment for assurance that everything was okay.  I never really understand the whole “butterfly” feeling and couldn’t wait until I felt actual kicks.  With my second child I was of course worried but I was also busy with my first child and we were moving that I didn’t worry as much.

This pregnancy was definitely a surprise and not being pregnant for over two years I forgot what the whole pregnancy feelings are.  With this pregnancy I am also considered high risk because of my high blood pressure and my first son having a heart defect.  Then I come to find out at my last appointment that my placenta (sorry TMI?) is in front so that is probably why I am not feeling the baby kick.  Oh and it didn’t help that at my last appointment also the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat and had to do an ultrasound to find it.

(If my belly wasn’t so big and full of stretchmarks, I’d post a video but it looks terrible!)

Having the BabyBeat Fetal Doppler at home at my disposal has been a great gift.  Whenever I have doubts or just want to listen to the baby, I just lather on some ultrasound gel and put the fetal Doppler on my belly.  I have been using it for over a month now and in the beginning (I was maybe 19 weeks) it did take me a few spots before I found the heartbeat but I always did.  Now that the baby is bigger I don’t have any issues and I cannot even explain the comfort I feel from hearing it.  It is very easy to use and I love that I can even record the sounds of the heartbeat onto my computer, although I admit I haven’t had time yet to do it.

Now I have seen the cheap fetal dopplers at the baby stores but I have only heard negative things about them.  My experience with the BabyBeat Fetal Doppler has been very positive and I would recommend it to any mom who just wants that extra piece of mind.  There are a few different dopplers available to pick from, but I like the one I have which displays the heartrate because I know that they baby’s heartrate should be above 140 beats (it does sometimes pick up mine which is much lower so I just keep moving it around until a higher number comes up.)

BUY IT: You can rent or buy a Fetal Doppler from BabyBeat.  Also, don’t forget to check out all the other great products from BabyBeat that they offer!

Mom and More Disclosure:  I received a fetal doppler to rent in exchange for my honest opinion.  Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. These are truly impressive, I’d never heard of them for home use before (then again it’s a while since I was pregnant!) However, I’m going to be looking these up and see if they are available in the UK. I know plenty of Mums-to-be who would really love this idea.

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