Making Money From Your Blog

Updated: June 10, 2015

If you are a blogger, here are some websites that I have had some luck with! I know some of the minimum balances may seem high, but they do offer great campaigns that once you start using them, you would be surprised at how many of your readers will click them and some of these are even paid just for people visiting your website!  I am by far not an expert and nowhere near a millionaire, but every little bit helps?

My Favorites – I have been paid from these sites:

Sverve – Paid posts and social media shares

(Paid via Paypal within 30 days with minimum of $5)

TapInfluence – Paid Posts (Make sure to fill out your complete profile because that is how they select you for campaigns)

(Paid after 60 days of campaign)

Moms Affiliate – Paid posts and Affiliate listings. Average post for me is $100.

Izea (formerly Social Spark) – Write Posts for $5 and up. Average post for me is $100.
(Paid when account balance reaches $50 via Paypal but you can cash out at any amount for a $2.00 fee)

MySavings Media – Promote brand name coupons, offers, & free product samples on your web site or blog.
(Paid when account balance reaches $100 via check)

Commission Junction – Affiliate website (mainly retail sites – but I like Walgreens and Upromise from here)
(Paid when account balance reaches $50 via Direct Deposit or $100 via check)

Escalate Network – Affiliate website of coupons, offers, and free samples
(Paid when account balance reaches $25 via Paypal)

Shareasale – Affiliate website
(Paid when account balance reaches $50 via check or Direct Deposit)

Buy Sell Ads – You sell ad space on your site wherever you want and whatever size – you set price and are emailed when an ad is sold which you can approve or deny.  They take 25% commission.
(Cash out when balance reaches $50 and paid via Paypal – I do very well with them)

LinkVehicle – Paid Posts
(Paid via Paypal every month and the minimum payout amount is $10.)

Google Adsense- Your readers click ads on your website or homepage, but you can also receive money from Pageviews (I make anywhere from $15-$25 a month)
(Paid when account balance reaches $100 via Paypal) – Affiliate

(Paid via direct deposit or Amazon Gift cards once you reach $10)(Sign up at bottom of page where it says Become an Affiliate under Make Money with Us)(I make about $10 a month but I don’t try or push affiliate listings.)

These are some that I haven’t cashed out yet from but am slowly earning:

Chitika – Turn Page Views into Money!  This is invisible unless someone searches your website.
(Paid when account balance reaches $10 via PayPal)

Linkshare – Affiliate website
(Paid monthly via Check or Direct Deposit)

Let me know your experiences with any of these companies or if I don’t have a company listed that I should!

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  1. Thanks! There are some I’d never heard of! Yay!

  2. Rajee Pandi says:

    love all your tips

  3. what a great list ,, amazed at all the options out there! Thanks for putting it together .

  4. Allyson Becker says:

    Maybe, I should start a blog. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Allyson Becker says:

    Wow. Maybe, I should start a blog. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Bradlee Wilson says:

    I’m trying to get my blog up & running, loving the money making ideas 🙂

  7. Michelle Bartley says:

    I’ve been looking into starting a blog! Great tips!

  8. Heather Ramos says:

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for a few more avenues to add to my blog and I did not know about Chitika! Looking into it now 🙂

  9. I would be interested in making money from a blog. I just need some education, because it is still so hard to understand it.

  10. What a great list. Is it still currently updated?

  11. Very nice list of websites. But do you have to know how to code to set up a website such as this one?

  12. I have learned a lot from bloggers!! I have joined many social sites because of them too, but did not know that it is a money making business!! I never heard of some of these sites. I pinned this info so I can look into this further -THANKS!!.

  13. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Thanks for the info. I know and use some of these but others I have never heard of. My difficulty with my site thus far is actually getting traffic so I’m not sure what works yet for me.

  14. Diane Mania says:

    Get idea

  15. Christine Kiehl says:

    Thank you for sharing this some what of a secret. I surely don’t blog enough to make any money at it; but I loved to see what you’ve done! Outstanding!

  16. Diane Mania says:

    they do offer great campaigns

  17. Linda Buzard-Moffitt says:

    I bookmarked this so I could start learning how to make money from blogging 🙂

  18. I need to start using these

  19. This is great info because I want to start a blog. I am amazed on how much I have learned from bloggers and grateful for all the information.

  20. It’s now 2014, are you still making money from your blog? Thank you

  21. Wow, such good information. I am so glad to learn this. I have started a blog and I want to know the best way to go about these, without being annoying to my viewers. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks – I’m looking forward to trying to earn $$$ blogging

  23. Thanks for the tips, I am just starting and I have a lot to learn so everything helps =)

  24. charlotte hess says:

    hoping this works, I can really use the money and can’t work as I am disabled

  25. Ruth Griffeth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these, I am just starting my blog actually the building phase is almost done. I was trying to figure out how everyone does make money from blogs!

  26. Unfortunately, when I had my first PayPal account a few years ago – I was hacked! Now I don’t even go near it!! I am by no means rich, and whoever stole my money did’nt become rich – it was just the act of stealing that really bothered me!!
    I too understand a little more about why people blog, but I still don’t quite understand what a blog is or how to start one! I am pinning this list so I have something to compare it to if I ever decide to do it – THANKS!!

  27. Harmony H says:

    This is some helpful advice, I’m thinking about dipping my toe into the blogging waters, and it’s good to have some pointers about how to make money! I’m in Australia, so unsure if the links will apply here, but will look into it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. Affiliate websites seems like the easiest route but I can’t help but feel like they are too obvious?

  29. Interesting article with a great list. I’ll check them out to increase my passive income!

  30. This article explained a little more to me regarding blogging, but I still need to know more. I pinned this too so that I’ll have it when the time comes. Thanks!!

  31. This is a great list. I haven’t tried any of these yet but will look into them. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Stopping over from the SITS Girls. As a fairly new blogger, trying to find resources for monotizing can be very overwhelming. Thanks so much for sharing all this info. Definitely bookmarking this.

  33. Hi. I’m visiting from SITS comment love. This is good to know. I’m pinning it to my Saving Green board on (My fave site ever) Pinterest.

  34. Thanks for the tips! I’d love to do more of these, but as a newish blogger, some of them are require 2,000+ FB fans. Some day! 🙂

  35. Michelle H says:

    I bookmarked this. It looks like a wealth of info for starting up blogging. Thanks.

  36. After reading your post on becoming a blogger I now do not want to be because like you said if you pay you get more business but if its not for you then free is a good start but noone whats to use you . So since I don’t know if I would like to do it all the time. I will wait

    • Its good though to test the waters by trying out blogging. You do need time if you want to make money but honestly when I started I had no clue money could be made. I just wanted to share my opinion!

  37. Thanks for sharing these. I’ll have to check some of these out. Thanks for stopping by I’m enjoying the Ultimate Blog Party too.

  38. Michelle says:

    This is helpful info…I’m using ShareaSale and in the process of adding Google Adsense, but I’ve been more concerned with getting my blog off the ground…now that its off, I’ll be adding to what I am doing.

  39. cathy henatyszen says:

    thanks for the info… I don’t have a blog yet.. once day maybe… did it 20 yrs ago, and I know how hard it is

    happy new year to you and yours

  40. Great advice. thanks for sharing.

  41. I’ve always thought about blogging and have wanted to just not sure. And being a stay at home mom the money would help.

  42. P.S
    And for those who are wondering about this Amazon law: The states that Amazon does not do affiliates with are because those states tax you on you on what you make and Amazon won’t support that so that’s why they don’t allow affiliates in those states. They suggest you write to your congressmen etc to change it and that’s actually worked for a few states so it’s a good idea to do it! 🙂

  43. You’re absolutley right about that law with Amazon because it also applies to my state BUT my business was started and based out of another state because your business doesnt have to be your actual living location. I was thinking about doing a giveaway because so many sites do so that’s certainly on my do-to list! Thanks 🙂

    • That is nice you have it out of another state! Before then without really promoting Amazon I was still making $20 a month, I could only imagine if I actively promoted it! When you post your giveaway, post it on all the giveaway linkies all over and online-sweepstakes, that really helps!

  44. Hi,
    This is great help. Amazon is also an awesome affiliate to have because people are so familiar with it, usually already have accounts and so they trust it. You can tailor the items to your site’s theme because you can get anything on there!
    My difficulty with my site thus far is actually getting traffic so I’m not sure what works yet for me. I’ve been doing it a few months and am focusing on content but it takes awhile to get it all going so I’m having faith. I’d just really like to get it off the ground. Any advice for building traffic?! Thanks!

    • I actually got mad at Amazon even though it’s not their fault, but in IL affiliates can no longer profit from Amazon thanks to a law passed. As far as traffic goes just comment on other blogs which they usually visit you then, host a giveaway for even a $10 gift card, tweet, join blog hops (you can google there are tons of free ones out there)

  45. Justin Germino says:

    Wide variety of CPA and Affiliate programs here, there are many others that I detail in my Make Money Online page on my site, but I don’t focus on affiliate and CPA networks due to the fact that you usually can’t use more than 1 on the same site without them competing with each other. Affiliates you can write a post about a product…etc, but CPA’s are really tough to combine on one site effectively.

  46. Thanks for sharing this info. I signed up for some of these.

  47. I had always wondered about this; thanks for sharing.

  48. Hi Cher! It was great to actually “meet” you at Build-a-Bear also! Thanks for sharing this great information with me. Hope we see each other again soon.


  49. Thanks for the great post! Wonderful to find in one easy location!
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Pamper him this Father’s Day! =-.

  50. Great info! Thanks!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Fact: Moms say things they don’t mean! =-.

  51. You use all these on here and have found them all to be legit? I am new to blogging and must admitt I am a bit unsure of myself I don’t want to end up in a scam but would love to make some more money off my blog.

    • So far I have received actual payment from Logical Media, MySavings, Commsion Junction, Chitkia, Google Adsense, and Social Spark. The other companies I have a little bit with each but not enough for a minimum payment yet.

  52. This is exactly the kind of info. I have been looking for! Thank you so much. 🙂

  53. Very useful information. I know and use some of these but others I have never heard of.

    when it comes to making money from a blog then the more a person can diversify the better.

  54. Do you use all of them on this blog, or do you have other blogs. Thanks for the info!