NUK Orthodontic Bottles and Pacifiers Review


NUK has been helping to provide a healthy start for babies with products that are safe, simple and enhance babies orthodontic development.  Their products are sold in over 100 countries and have been around in the United States for over 20 years.

Orthodontic Gift Set

The NUK Nature Collection Starter Orthodontic Set features a unique orthodontic wide neck nipple system that reduces colic and promotes healthy teeth formation. The nipples and pacifiers are shaped more like the mother’s breast during feeding and support switching between the breast and the bottle.

Features and Benefits

  • Special NUK Air System vents the bottle to prevent vacuum build up, allowing the baby to drink continuously thus reducing colic by minimizing any swallowed air
  • Orthodontic nipple and pacifiers promote healthy teeth formation and strengthen the baby’s jaw
  • Simulates and supports breastfeeding
  • Nipples shaped more like mother’s breast and NUK Air System reduces colic
  • Set includes: two 5oz bottles with slow flow silicone nipples, one 10oz bottle with fast flow silicone nipple, two NUK pacifiers and a pacifier clip.

The NUK website is also super helpful if you are not sure which product is right for your child.  You can search by Milestone, Category, or Collection.  Their products include:  Breastfeeding, Bottles & Nipples, Pacifiers, Oral Care, Sippy Cups, and Tableware.


I know some babies are picky with their bottles or pacifiers and that is why it is important to find a safe brand your baby likes.  Luckily my Olivia is not too picky and better yet she likes NUK!  She is actually quite attached to her NUK pacifiers and I love that there are NUK bottles to make a smooth transition for her.

I can definitely see how the NUK pacifier is the best selling pacifier in North America.   I got the chance to try out a few pacifiers and they are not big or hard to use.  There is a nice ring to grasp the pacifier and the nipple is not only an orthodontic design but also promotes proper teeth alignment.  I am always worried my kids teeth will turn out funny from using a pacifier but luckily NUK had that in mind too when they designed their pacifiers!

The Orthodontic Gift Set is a perfect starter set for a new mom as it includes pacifiers and bottles.  You get two sizes bottles (5 oz. and 10 oz.) so the set can grow with your growing baby as well as two different size nipples which allow for more liquid to come through at different speeds.  Oh and then you get two great pacifiers and a clip to hold them!

Luckily my babies also never had nipple confusion, but once again NUK thought of that.  Their nipples and pacifiers are designed to make switching from breast to bottle easy.  They are soft silicone materials and my baby has never complained about them!  You can even coordinate your bottles, pacifiers and cups as NUK has great designs that match in all the products!

BUY IT:  NUK products can be found at your local mass retailer in the baby aisle.

Mom and More Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary product in exchange for sharing this post and my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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