Tonka Roadway Rigs Review (& Giveaway Ends 1/5)

Tonka Roadway Rigs

Funrise/ Ages 4 and up

Tonka Roadway Rigs are a top holiday pick this season from Chris Byrne The Toy Guy ® from Time to Play.


What It Is

The Tonka Roadway Rigs are sturdy, plastic, free-wheeling trucks that come in police, fire truck, and rescue themes. Each of the trucks has themed lights and sounds (three different sounds), and each comes with a trailer and a light-up sign that the trucks can tow to the rescue just like kids see in the real world. The Roadway Rigs Fire Rescue truck comes with a sign that says “Road Closed” and the Roadway Rigs Police truck comes with a sign that says “Checkpoint Ahead.” Other Tonka Roadway Rigs trucks include Life Guard with “High Tide” sign and Construction with “Road Work Ahead” sign.

Why It’s Fun

There are few things that boys love to play with more than trucks. Some of the most popular trucks are police and fire trucks. The Roadway Rigs will inspire a lot of imaginative rescue play. Tonka has always stood for great, basic play and that’s what the Roadway Rigs are all about.

Who It’s For

The Tonka Roadway Rigs are for ages 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Save the package insert because it has signs and roadblocks printed on it that an adult can cut out so kids can create a whole rescue environment.

Each truck requires six AAA batteries, which are included.

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I got the chance to check out the Roadway Rigs police truck with road crew sign.  My boys got a kick out of the sounds on the police truck and pulling around the construction sign.  They are durable pieces and pretty big for kids to play with.  The set though does take six batteries (3 AA and 3 AAA batteries.)

BUY IT: Check out the Tonka Roadway Rigs for $19.99 wherever toys are sold.

WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive a Tonka Roadway Rig (style may vary)


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  1. my grandson loves his green bike:)

  2. My child’s favorite mode of transportation is a car

  3. ruth ramos says:

    electric scooter

  4. My boys love trains!

  5. Alison Flores says:

    My husband races cars so all my kids are pretty crazy about race cars.

  6. Linda Taylor says:

    The bike!

  7. Linda Heyde says:

    so far car seat and stroller.

  8. carol lewis says:

    Horseback. Really! He is 2 and loves it. He says “Me ride.”
    spcale at yahoo dot com

  9. My sons fave is airplanes he loves them

  10. shirley pebbles says:

    Her favorite mode is walking. She loves to look and ask questions.

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    gfc,twitter,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  11. The wagon!

  12. Kristina Daniels says:

    trains trains all the way!!
    [email protected]

  13. My kids like riding 4-wheelers.

  14. Michelle H. says:

    My youngest loves trains and cars.

  15. currently my son is into buses

  16. jodi lasher says:

    my nephew loves all trucks and tractor trailers… Also of course the hot wheels…. lol

  17. Dump truck!

  18. michelle murray says:

    my just turned five year old has had a thing for garbage trucks for the past few years. He is recently getting into firetrucks.

  19. He loves airplanes!

  20. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    my son loves trains!
    fb: rab pom

  21. 1955nurse says:

    My Grandson has a battery-operated motorcycle that he loves!

  22. My son enjoys going on the Metrorail in Washington, D.C.

  23. Kendra Gillilan says:

    thanks for the chance

  24. April Grimm says:

    My son loves trains.

  25. snowmobile or 4 wheeler.

  26. kathy pease says:

    my son loves his bike

  27. His is an airplane and tractor. This kid loves both so much. He loves going up in his daddies airplane all the time

  28. We took a ‘Polar Express’ train ride over the holidays, and my kids loved it!

  29. Kat Emerick says:

    My grandson love to board a plane.
    [email protected]

  30. I think I’ll say “bike”, because real modes of transportation tend to make my poor little guy seasick. Even car trips to Grandma’s house require bringing a puke bag!

  31. My nephew loves motorcycles

  32. Our little guy likes his Razor 360 trike

  33. My son loves to ride the train.

  34. Dad’s truck!

  35. Heather Theall Gaspard says:

    This is probably going to sound crazy, but we live int the country so my kids favorite is the boat!!

  36. RaettigFamily says:


  37. I’ll never forget my son’s first trip on the subway. He LOVED it.

  38. I know some boys who wanted to drive a moped!

  39. Leah Shumack says:

    My daughter is in kindergarten and gets to ride the big kids bus so that would be her favorite!

  40. airplane

  41. Leslie Luke Stanziani says:

    My son loves vans(esp 70’s ones) like we do but is also fascinated by planes.Thanks!

  42. Nicole Sender says:

    My grandson loves to ride in his Grumpy’s truck!

  43. tracey rochelle johnson says:

    im son loves trains and sports cars.

  44. Stephanie Grant says:

    My son is a huge fan of cars….expecially Mustangs!

  45. my kids love the train

  46. My little boy loves to ride in daddy’s truck!

  47. Jody Sisson says:

    My Grandson loves riding in the Pickup.

  48. Amy delong says:


  49. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    My grandson is into riding on a bus
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  51. our kids enjoy riding their bikes

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  52. Nicole C. says:

    my nephew loves trains or tractors!

  53. Julie Lundstrom says:
  54. Bonnigene says:

    I think my children’s favorite mode of transportation is running….they like to see if I can keep up.

  55. My son loves trucks.

  56. lol the riding lawnmower (long story)

  57. Jill Myrick says:

    My son loves riding in his dads big work truck.


  58. huston smith says:

    My son loves race cars

  59. Trains and fire truck 🙂

  60. Virginia Rowell says:

    Definitely the Big Wheel!

  61. tina reynolds says:

    my son loves trucks thanks for the chance to win [email protected]

  62. firetrucks

  63. Lisa Taylor says:

    My son loves the 18 wheelers lezanac 2 at yahoo dot com

  64. My son loves trucks

  65. My grandson loves his Little Tikes truck.

  66. he loves trains!

  67. My son’s litle red wagon

  68. My boys love the boat.

  69. Jessica Cali says:

    They love School Bus’s!!

  70. My son loves riding the public transportation bus, that’s how he goes to school.

  71. a train ride

  72. Christine Robinson says:

    He loves motorcycles.

  73. My nephew loves Trains. Thank you

  74. Heather R says:

    My daughter’s favorite form of transportation is Trains!

  75. carla garcia says:


  76. Michelle Macaluso says:

    my nephew loves it when my husband takes him on the bus. He gets so excited when he knows they are going

  77. My son loves cars and trains! He loves anything with a wheel.

  78. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    my grandson loves trains & any kind of cars/trucks
    shared blog on twitter (@22Colley)

  79. melissa miller says:

    riding a train

  80. Sarah Bailey says:

    my son’s is now the plasma car although we still take the van if we need to get there in a hurry LOL

  81. my son loves tractors!

  82. Jodi Kershuk says:

    My son loves to ride in dads truck.

  83. tracey byram says:

    Tristan likes riding his bike.

  84. My guy loves seeing Fire Trucks and police cars.

  85. jessica g says:

    my son loves riding in trucks

  86. ove riding the train

  87. My son is all about the trains right now

  88. Sarah Matos says:

    Train for sure
    [email protected]

  89. Penny Kathleen says:

    My son is obsessed with all modes of transportation! Trucks, trains, planes, motorcycles, etc!


    [email protected]

  91. My son loves when we get to ride the train!

  92. scottsgal says:

    sports cars

  93. Therese Rooney says:

    tricycle is the little ones fav. look at those legs go!!!!!

  94. My son loves airplanes.

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    Email: [email protected]


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  95. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My son loves airplanes.

  96. Gladys Parker says:

    He believes an airplane
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  97. Stacey P (cosaver213) says:

    My son loves the original Tonka truck.

    spaller213 (at) gmail (dot) com

  98. My granddaughter loves her new skate board. She also likes to take naps in the car during long rides!

  99. Julie Lundstrom says:

    He love trains.

  100. Gena Durbin Carrico says:

    My daughter loves her tricycle.

  101. Patty White says:

    My daughter loves the car but my son loves riding on trains

  102. My kids are all grown, they usually ride in cars, but my daughter loves to roller skate and my son rides a bike.

  103. Janice Wright says:

    Shane’s favorite mode of transportation would be Thomas the Train. Thomas is way cool, even better than Spiderman, lol.

  104. My grandson’s favorite would have to be train.

  105. My grandson received a bicycle for Christmas, so I expect that will become his favorite mode of transportation.

  106. My son’s favorite are drag and race cars. Thanks.

  107. joni taylor says:

    my kids like going on the back of the horse

  108. Karen Farrow says:

    We have an older 4 wheel drive that we take to the river that is the boys favorite

  109. My nephew loves tractors and trucks

  110. Tara Liebing says:

    Well he wants it to be by motorcycle but we don’t have one but he lives riding in our mini van only

  111. My son loves trucks

  112. My son loves monster trucks of any kind. Thanks for the chance.

  113. they love plaing with trains

  114. My little one loves the train!

  115. My son loves tractors

  116. beth shepherd says:

    big trucks
    thank you
    [email protected]

  117. the go-cart with his dad!

  118. My son loves trains.


  119. motorcycles

  120. Train.

  121. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    right now I think she likes to be carried the best!

  122. A horse!

  123. Kathy Dunaway says:

    My son loves big trucks.

  124. My son loves taking a train

  125. Christina Gould says:
  126. Christina Gould says:

    My daughter’s favorite mode of transportation is a Porsche. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Cars!! (:

  128. Kyle Banderman says:

    My daughters love to play with trucks they would love this!

  129. We love riding the train.

  130. Hmmmmm

    No human kids.

    The Golden Twins love riding on the back of the ATV…

    I think kids would like riding there, too…

  131. My kids love anything with trucks or trains!

  132. amy deeter says:


  133. amy hollingsworth says:

    he loves his stroller

  134. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My 4 year old RUNS everywhere!

  135. Son loves trains my daughter loves her tractor!

  136. Deborah Rosen says:

    CJ’s favorite mode of transportation is his feet – he loves being able to run around.

  137. he loves trains

  138. crystle tellerday says:


  139. bicycle

  140. he loves to fly

  141. Anything John Deere

  142. EMMA L HORTON says:


  143. my son love to have a fire truck model.

  144. Rebecca Orr says:

    Semi’s and Dump Trucks are my kiddo’s favorites. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  145. LISA BluMenStein says:

    we have a battery operated motercycle and the kids love it.

  146. MY child love ATV’s

  147. My 3 year old loves riding in the car, but there was a christmas event with santa at the local firestation and he got to ride on a fire truck and I’d have to say THAT was his favorite mode of transporation ever!

  148. Debbie Jackson says:

    a semi trailer

  149. my grandson loves big trucks!

  150. My nephew love trains, but has not got to go on one just yet.

  151. Carrie Phelps says:

    My grandsons LOVE to ride in their other grandmothers RV!!

  152. My youngest is OBSESSED with trash trucks, so those are his favorite toys.

  153. Christy Johnson says:

    My son is obsessed with trucks!

  154. Her favorite mode of transportation is a car.

  155. Kimberly Schotz says:

    My daughter loves dump trucks
    [email protected]

  156. Right now my granddaughter is in love with her plane

  157. Shannon Wieneke says:

    My son loves to use his feat to run and hop!! But he loves airplanes just never rode in one before.

  158. Renee Bruno says:


  159. Car

  160. My son loves his battery powered F150.

  161. My grandson has a battery powered four wheeler that he loves to ride.

  162. trains
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  163. Jill Harper says:


  164. He loves his tractor trailer.

  165. My son loves anything with wheels!!

  166. my boys love race cars and trucks!
    [email protected]

  167. they love riding the subway

  168. annette campbell says:

    My grandchild’s favorite mode of transportation is riding on the back of my bicycle.

  169. My son adores Trains 🙂

  170. My son loves motorcycles.

  171. Tina Demarco says:

    car of course =)

  172. Michelle Murphy says:

    My son is obsessed with trains right now

  173. My grandson loves Cars so I think that would be his favorite!

  174. My son loves to ride on trains!

  175. Heather McD says:

    my sons love trains!

  176. Sharon Schoepe says:

    My son loves trains!

  177. Ashley Hatten says:

    my son loves helicopters!!!

  178. Jeni Monroe says:

    My oldest boy loves tractor/trailers. He wants to drive one when he gets old enough 🙂

  179. My son loves trucks.

  180. My sons would be super excited to go in a plane.