Nintendo DS Game Review: “Squinkies 2 W/Toy” (& US/CAN Giveaway Ends 1/18)

Squinkies 2 W/Toy

Developer: ActiVision

Released: October 25, 2011


Gameplay features 4 distinct areas with sixteen stages in total: the Aquarium, Food Court, Wedding Castle and Amusement Park. Squinkies are on the loose within each area and players must track them down to invite them to the party! Meeting new friends will unlock playable characters in later areas and magical coins scattered randomly about the levels are used in the Gumball Playhouse to earn ten “rare” playable Squinkies characters. In addition to playable characters, there are more than 600 Squinkies™ pals to be found and collected throughout the game! With simple controls, exciting game play and adorable familiar faces, Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize! will be an instant favorite.


We have never played with Squinkies before but we have seen them.  So you don’t have to be a Squinkies fan to appreciate the game as it is cute!  When you first start the game you play with a tutorial guiding you.  It was pretty annoying for me because I just wanted to go-go-go, but for kids the tutorial is helpful as the instructions are on the screen and read aloud to player.

The game is pretty easy to get going but it did take me a little bit to get used to the controls of jumping.  Some parts are somewhat challenging too so it is not a babyish game.  The point of the game is to catch each Squinkies friend to give them an invitation the a party, with a bonus because collecting all five coins in order first.  You are also timed in the game which gives you different awards.  Oh and if you collect all five coins you get a Bonus game in the level.

Overall, while the game is simple it is also challenging in the fact that you want to collect the coins and beat the level in a fast time.  My four year old son struggled at some points but overall did pretty good on his own.  The game would probably be geared towards ages 5-10. The game also comes with an ultra-rare Squinkies car and two figures.

BUY IT: Look for “Squinkies 2 W/Toy” for the Nintendo DS online or wherever video games are sold!

WIN IT: (1) US/CAN winner will receive the Nintendo DS game “Squinkies 2 W/Toy”


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  1. My daughter loves her new DS-she isn’t into squinkies but another game would be great!!

  2. My daughter is.

  3. Gina Rafkin says:

    Daughter loves squinkies. Now they are making tiny ones…..zinkies!

  4. Yes, she loves Squinkies!

  5. They are not Squinkies fans yet

  6. shirley pebbles says:
  7. shirley pebbles says:

    My daughter also love squinkies.

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    twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  8. My daughter loves Squinkies!

  9. Toni Allen says:

    my granddaughter likes them
    [email protected]

  10. Melanie Johnson says:

    My twins saw Squinkies in the store the other day and feel in love with the Hello Kitty ones.

  11. My kids are big fans of Squinkies!

  12. SHe actually got a bunch for Christmas!

  13. Both of my kids share DS and love Squinkies, my son even has a Spiderman version of squinkies.

  14. jodi lasher says:

    My stepdaughter is a HUGE squinkies fan.. She would freak if i win her this.

  15. Carla Pullum says:

    My daughter is!

  16. barbara hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!
    [email protected]

  17. yes indeed thanks

  18. michelle oakley warner says:

    my daughter loves these so much

  19. I think my niece likes them.

  20. beth kelsay says:

    Oh yes a huge fan!!!

  21. Lorrie Mandanici says:

    My daughter loves her squinkies – started collecting this xmas!

  22. Tonya Dean says:

    We love Squinkies!!


  23. Virginia Rowell says:

    My nephew is a major fan!

  24. loves them!

  25. yes…he is a big fan!!!!

  26. Melanie Dauterive says:

    If she were old enough she would be

  27. my niece loves squinkies! thanks!

  28. Coriander Warren says:

    to say my daughter is a fan of squinkies in an understatement….but there isn’t a word for my squinkie-fanatic daughter so yes she’s a fan!

  29. Sheila Hickmon says:

    Both my kiddos love Squinkies!

  30. tracey byram says:

    Liz recently started collecting Squinkies.

  31. Michelle B says:

    My children are not Squinkies fans we have never heard of them before today

  32. Jeffery Gawlikowski says:

    My neighbor’s little girl was talking about these thing’s. I thought she was saying twinkies. She would freak out. Thank You for the cute free gift chance….

  33. All FOUR of my kids are HUGE squinkies fans! I find those little plastic balls everywhere when cleaning!

  34. Yes. My daughter is a squinkies fan.

  35. Leah Shumack says:

    Yes we have those little things all over our house it seems like lol the princess collection was the new ones added this christmas!

  36. My niece loves them!

  37. My son and daughter love squinkies.

  38. Michaela R says:

    My niece is definitely a big fan of them

  39. My daughter loves em…
    chacha6581(@) yahoo dot com

  40. Jill Myrick says:

    My daughter is a big Squinkies fan.


  41. My niece is a fan!

  42. My daughter loves Squinkies. She loves that song on the commercial too!

  43. They just started to get into this fad! They would love this. Thanks for the chance


  44. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    My grandchildren are fans of them
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  45. kathy pease says:

    my niece loves squinkies

  46. Shirley H says:

    yes my grandaughter is

  47. Jen Harriman says:

    my kids definitely like squinkies.. my girls play with them together every day

  48. tina reynolds says:

    my daughter carly loves them [email protected]

  49. Shelly Sawicki Lash Neuhouser says:

    My Granddaughter loves Squinkies!

  50. My kiddos discovered Squinkies before Christmas and think they’re great 🙂

  51. Pauline M says:

    My kids enjoy their squinkies, especially the cars 2 series!

  52. my niece likes them!

  53. I think my niece would be a fan!

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  54. Janet Jackson says:

    Alexandria loves Squinkies! 🙂

  55. My daughter loves Squinkies.

  56. Amanda Brown says:

    My girls love them!

  57. Jody Sisson says:

    My Grand Kids love Squinkies.

  58. Alexis King says:

    My nieces love Squinkies! They also both have the Nintendo DS so I think this game would be the best of both worlds for them! I would love to be able to give them this as a little treat 🙂

  59. my kids are huge fans!

  60. renee walters says:

    My daughter loves them!
    Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters
    [email protected]

  61. Heather Fawcett says:

    my niece loves these.

  62. She is not a Squinkies fan at this time.

  63. Desiree Dunbar says:

    Yes a huge fan

  64. Kat Emerick says:

    My granddaughter loves them.

  65. my niece like them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. My granddaughter loves Squinkies!


  67. Autumn West says:

    My daughter loves playing with squinkies!

  68. Squinkies 2 looks like a darling game, I know my granddaughter will enjoy this. I’d love to win it for her.

  69. Squinkies were #1 on the Christmas list this past holiday in our house.

  70. Paula Hafner says:

    My son and daughter are both Squinkie fans.

  71. my daughter loves them
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  72. Both my kids love squinkies!

  73. Yes my granddaughter is a fan

  74. not my daughter yet, untill she wins this game 🙂

  75. My grandson doesn’t have any but I’m sure he would really like them.

  76. My daughter loves these and so does my cat, he carries them around in his mouth and plays with them.

  77. My sister, not my child, has never heard of it.

  78. Oh yes my son loves squinkies

  79. not yet but i know they would love this!

  80. Linda Henderson says:

    My grandkids really like them.

  81. My daughter loves Squinkies! She can’t seem to get enough!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  82. My granddaughter loves Squinkies

  83. Miranda Ward says:

    My daughters Collect these!!

    [email protected]

  84. Annmarie W. says:

    My daughter loves Squinkies! (My son not-so-much!)

  85. Kara DiDomizio says:

    My very younger sister is!

  86. nannypanpan says:

    he loves squinkies
    nannypanpan at

  87. amy deeter says:

    my daughter is a fan

  88. Nicole Hopkins says:

    My kids love squinkies! They are cute!

  89. both my son and daughter Love squinkies!

  90. susan varney says:

    my daughter is [email protected]

  91. My Daughters haven’t seen these yet, but they would love them! 🙂

  92. My son and daughter both love Squinkies

  93. Tara Liebing says:

    My niece loves Squinkies

  94. Jennafroggy says:

    My daughter is obsessed with these things!

  95. My daughter loves them!

  96. we have tons of Squinkies

  97. Belinda Shaw says:

    My granddaughter is a huge fan!

  98. Yes, my niece is. Thanks.

  99. My children have never played with them before, but I would like this for my niece and nephew. Thank you

  100. Courtney Desormeaux says:

    We LOVE Squinkies in our household!

    [email protected]

  101. sc edwards says:

    she likes them, not a huge fan , but likes them

  102. Allison Downes says:

    My daughter loves them!

  103. Glenna F. says:

    My kids are not into them yet, but my neice is.

  104. my great niece is a fan
    [email protected]

  105. My daughter thinks they’re very cute :0)

  106. Tabitha Evans says:

    my daughter doesn’t have therm but she likes the commericals

  107. My daughter is a fan

  108. Jenn Oldaker says:

    Pretty sure my niece also likes squinkies too 🙂

  109. ruth ramos says:

    my niece is a fan

  110. Barbara Montag says:

    My girls are grown but my grand daughter is a huge Squinkies fan!
    Thank you.

  111. My boys have not gotten into Squinkies yet, but I’m sure they would love the game! 🙂

  112. I have 2 little girls and they’re always asking for Squinkies at the store.

  113. Melissa Pruitt says:

    yes my daughter loves squinkies!!!!!!

  114. My daughter hasn’t played with squinkies yet but I think she’d really enjoy them. Thanks for the chance.

  115. We love Squinkies! I’m amazed how much fun my four year old has with hers.

  116. yes my daughter is a fan

  117. Monique Rizzo says:

    My daughter is a big fan.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  118. Liz Terek says:

    We hadn’t heard of them prior to your post.

  119. Susan Smith says:

    My children love Squinkies

  120. My daughter hasn’t heard of them but just got a DS and is looking for new game ideas

  121. my granddaughter is a big fan and would love me to win this for her

  122. my little one is a squinkies fan

  123. My daughter is a huge fan

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  124. Anita Yancey says:

    My granddaughter is a big fan.

  125. Yes, my daughter has several Squinkies sets and plays with them all the time.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  126. ReggieMann says:

    My niece loves Squinkies!! She got a bunch of them for Xmas 🙂

  127. Adrienne gordon says:

    My daughter is a fan.

  128. Jessica Carnaggio says:

    She is a Swinkies fan.

  129. kristina gruno says:

    MY daughter LOVES Squinkies!!!!!!!!!

  130. Michelle Plummer says:

    Yes, my daughter is a fan!

  131. Trasina McGahey says:

    I may actually love them a tad more than my daughter but it’s close!

  132. Rebekah Mercier says:

    My daughter is a squinkies Fan.

  133. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    my older daughter is a Squinkies fan

  134. Kasee Johnson says:

    My daughter is sticking with her Littlest Pet Shop collecting, but my two youngest boys jumped on the Squinkies bandwagon. They’re collecting the Hot Wheels and Cars Squinkies.

  135. Thank You So Much for the great chance to win! Hopefully I will be lucky enough to win it for my nieces because they are the huge fans of Squinkies 🙂

  136. Michele Behlen says:

    My grandson just stared collecting and was excited to receive more for Christmas. He would love to play the game.

  137. Our granddaughter is not a fan yet, but will be if I win!

  138. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh my yes, they are! My son even likes the boy ones

  139. both my kids love squirkies
    tcogbill at live dot com

  140. Yolanda R says:

    My child is a Squinkies fan!

  141. Shannon M says:

    My granddaughter is a fan of squinkies

  142. Sherry T. says:

    My kids aren’t big enough to be fans yet…but I bought quite a few for my niece this year!

  143. My granddaughter is a Squinkies fan. She loves them.

  144. Renee Bruno says:

    My daughter hasnt heard of them yet, but it looks cute.

  145. Alison Flores says:

    My daughter is a Squinkies fan!

  146. My children love Squinkies.

  147. Carrie Phelps says:

    Yes my grandchildren are.

  148. stephanie h says:

    My daughter has never heard/seen Squinkies

  149. Gena Carrico says:

    Yes my grandaughter loves them

  150. Debbie Welchert says:

    My granddaughters are Squinkies Fans.

  151. My child is a Squinkies fan!

  152. Linda Henderson says:

    My granddaughter likes them. I think she would love this game.

  153. Anne Loyd says:

    My daughter is absolutely a hard core Squinkies fan! I have a hard time justifying them though because they are basically gumball machine toys! This is probably the reason she loves them so much!

  154. Brynn Dexter says:

    Yes! so cute!

  155. Biku Toria says:

    We love Squinkies!

  156. Love Squinkies!

  157. Christina says:

    My daughter is a huge Squinkies fan! She has loved them a lot longer than I ever thought she would when she first wanted them a year ago lol

  158. My daughter loves squinkies! She has several sets.

  159. Julie Jones says:

    My daughter is a HUGE squinkie fan. I told her about this giveaway and she told me to win it!! haha. 75% of her Christmas gifts were squinkies but we didn’t know about the game. So neat!

  160. my child is not a squinkies fan, however, her cousin is a HUGE fan.
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  161. Christina Gould says:
  162. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My girls LOVE squinkies, but I think our new kittens love them more. They carry them around in their mouths and chase eachother to get them!

  163. Christina Gould says:

    My daughter is not a Squinkies fan…yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. My friend’s daughter is a squinkies fan so I would love to win this for her. My son is not a fan of squinkies

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  165. my daughter loves squinkies and her DS! so this would be great..thank you!

  166. Jennie Swencki says:

    My kids love squinkies

  167. My child has never played Squinkies before but I think that she would like it.

  168. Michelle Macaluso says:

    My daughter loves Squinkies!! She has a whole collection going

  169. My daughter loves her squinkies!

  170. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    this would be for my grandchildren, not sure if they are a Squinkies fan or not, but sure they would love it
    shared this blog on my twitter account: @22Colley

  171. Crystal Faulk says:

    No she is not a Squinkies fan…yet. :o)

  172. Sylvia White says:

    She has many many squinkies. She even got two new sets for Christmas

  173. We are not familiar with squinkies yet!

  174. My kids haven’t tried out Squinkies yet.

  175. they are squinkies fans

  176. I don’t know. We don’t get toy catalogs or newspaper flyers and we don’t have cable.

  177. My daughter just recently became a squinkies fan. lauradafonte at gmail dot com

  178. Nope, not a Squinkies fan yet

  179. Teresa Young says:

    My grandkids aren’t Squinkies fans (yet)!
    tmyoung at rochester dot rr dot com

  180. as of right now my child is blissfully unaware of them thanks to living in the sticks and homeschooling her lol

  181. annette c ampbell says:

    My granddaughter loves them. She got lots for Christmas

  182. Doris Calvert says:

    My niece is a huge squinkies fan!

  183. Gladys Parker says:

    Up until lately I have not allowed them to have these due to the choking possibility of their sister. I believe now is a good time to try as they luv playing with them at their cousins.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  184. Heather Avery says:

    I asked my daughter and she said she had played this game on a friends DS recently and really liked it. She also said she’s sure that I would enjoy it too. So I really hope we win so I can play!

  185. Jennifer Hall says:

    MY daughter & her friends are now all into the Squinkies!

  186. Cassandra Cordova Van Slyke says:

    My daughter loves squinkies!

  187. My granddaughter is a Squinkies fan!

  188. Cindy Ray says:

    My son has seen them and wants them but I haven’t got him any just yet 🙂

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  189. My niece has some Squinkies.

  190. Beth Good says:

    All 3 of my boys love Squinkies!

  191. melissa williams says:

    my daughter is still to young for squinkies, but I have a cousin who is in love with them.

  192. melissa miller says:

    my child loves Squinkies

  193. Shannon Wieneke says:

    My son loves them.


  195. Honestly I wouldn’t know quite yet, don’t think they’ve encountered Squinkies yet but it looks so cute am sure they would be a fan.

  196. Heather R says:

    My daughter loves her squinkies and has a bunch with the playset!

  197. RaettigFamily says:

    My kids are too young but my niece loves them

  198. Forgot to mention that Squinkies were at the top of her Christmas wish list. This would definitely be a hit!

  199. My daughter would love this and her birthday is later this month!

  200. Sharon Schoepe says:

    My daughter loves Squinkies

  201. My daughter loves Squinkes

  202. joanna hacker says:

    yes my child loves all her squinkies! even got a new 3ds for xmas

  203. Cheryl Chere says:

    Never heard of Squinkies but I bet my daughter would love it!!