Entering via Rafflecopter? Please Check Your Email Address!

Make sure you are check your email address on Facebook if you enter Rafflecopter giveaways!  If you use your Facebook login to Enter a giveaway, it defaults to whatever your email with Facebook is, which may or may not be the email you use.  I have found a few email differences when picking winners and I’d hate for my Winner email to go to an old email address or one you don’t check.

Need to check your Facebook email address?

  • To learn what your primary Facebook email address is, log into Facebook, Click your name and then Update Info.

You can Enter a giveaway without logging into Facebook:

  • Choose “Use Your Email” and you can enter in your information
  • I personally though think Facebook is easier since I don’t have to worry that I mis-spell something when entering my own information – and its much faster to click the Login with Facebook button.

If you don’t want to login with Facebook, then don’t.  But if you are worried that Rafflecopter will do something to your Facebook account, don’t be – there is nothing published on your Facebook wall from logging in through Rafflecopter.

This is not just for my Rafflecopter giveaways, but any Rafflecopter giveaways you enter.  I’d hate for my readers to miss out on any prizes!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Very good point!!

  2. B C EDWARDS says:

    ok mine has three listed , ones the one that fb gave to me and the then one is locked, that only I see it, and the other one is open to all
    the open to all one is the one I’ve received win notices to, when I have won

    so perhaps people need to check to make sure that all of them aren’t locked

    thanks for the info, I always wondered about this myself as my fb account originally was signed up with a yahoo address (Which I might check about once a week but have never found a win LOL)

    • Hmmmm you can probably change your FB email address too if you wanted to. I know I never get any notices via email from FB so to me it doesn’t matter.

  3. I have noticed that the newest version of rafflecopter also tends to revert back to how you first logged it- in my case it is facebook. The only time that creates a problem is because people oftentimes dont have the facebook and newsletter subscriptions going to the same email there always needs to have a place to input the right email or if there isnt the entries wont match.

    Thanks for the great contests!

    • Great point! I use a different email for blog subscriptions too. For that I would suggest leaving a blog post comment with the email address used then.

      • Yep I have done that Cher… and altho some bloggers read comments and compare them, some dont. Rafflecopter has made some super lax! The bad part? I have stayed with the same bloggers for a very long time and know of one instance I missed a win due to them not checking it. They apologized and now they check comments 🙂
        Its also tough to know just how you are checked into rafflecopter too if your FB name is your name LOL!

        • I actually enter other blogs contests via Rafflecopter and was putting “Cher” when my facebook name is my whole name – hope I didn’t miss out on any wins!

          How did you miss a win from a blogger not checking comments?

          • I missed because in the comment (first entry) was under my yahoo addy and I commented using gmail. They just didnt recognize it was the same person, Simple mistake and it was when rafflecopter first started.I dont blame the blogger in the least it was dif email addys and no way to tell on their end without alot of hassles. I just didnt know how I was signed in.

            I do wish there was a way to see how we are signed in to rafflecopter.. but there isnt right now as I get emails (newsletters) at one addy and of course FB is a different one totally. I have found winning emails in both accounts and both were rafflecopter generated contests.

  4. This is such a good point. I’ve always entered giveaways with my gmail account. Since Rafflecopter started using our info from Facebook it automatically picks up an older email address of mine, which I was trying to keep for personal mail. I’ve logged out to use Rafflecopter to use the email I prefer at times, but it’s a hassle, so I usually just let it go.
    I check both email addresses, so it really doesn’t matter but I just don’t want any blogs to think I’m trying to enter twice.
    I love Rafflecopter. It makes giveaways so much easier! Love your reviews too.