First, Thank you so much for everyone that entered and I wish I could have everyone be a winner!

(You can now check the actual giveaway posts for the Rafflecopter Winner Announcements)


Glade Expressions Collection  Winner:

Congrats to:  Stacy Norris

Check out Glade  here!


Blistex Intensive Hand Cream Winner:

Congrats to: Devona Fryer, Betty Dennis, and Kathy Ross

Check out Blistex here!


DVD: “Leapfrog: Numberland” Winner:

Congrats to:  amanda roach

Check out Leapfrog: Numberland here!


DVD: “Sight Words”  Winner:

Congrats to: sandra

Check out Sight Words here!


Perrigo Nutritionals Infant Formula  Winner:

Congrats to:  Paula Tavernie

Check out Perrigo Nutritionals here!


Magazine: “$10 Dinners or Less!”  Winner:

Congrats to: Kim Allmon

Check out “$10 Dinners or Less!” here!


SentrySafe – Perfect to get Organized!  Winner:

Congrats to:  Melanie Comello

Check out the SentrySafe HD4100 Waterproof Fire-Safe File here!


Marware Kindle Fire Cases Winner:

Congrats to:  Stacy Norris

Check out the jurni Kindle Fire Cover here!


Pizza Hut & America’s Biggest Storytime! Winner:

Congrats to:  Susan Smith

Check out Pizza Hut here!


DVD: “Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music” Winner:

Congrats to:  Erica Carnes

Check out the Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music here!


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  1. Donna Edwards says:

    Way to go Winners! It is so wonderful to see that God is blessing everyone with all these amazing goodies. I am grateful that I have a chance to enter for a chance at the same prizes and to see the love spread around even when I don’t win. Thanks for all your hard work finding great bargains, tips, and giveaways, I know it takes a lot of time and isn’t easy Madam blog owner. 😀 You are appreciated!

  2. Barbara Montag says:

    Wow lots of winners congrats to you all!