Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler


The Hidden Recycler attaches to the inside of a cabinet door to collect recyclables out of sight and keeps your counters clear. The bag is durable, machine washable, and made of recycled material. Collect your recyclables and then easily lift the bag from the lid and cabinet by the handle to take them out to your recycle bin.

  • Hinged lid attaches to cabinet door with over the door hooks or screws
  • Bag is made from 65% post-consumer resin
  • Bag is machine washable
  • Comfortable handle for transport
  • 5 gallon bag holds 36 uncrushed cans and is large enough to fit 1 gallon milk jugs
  • Great for single stream recyclers
  • Great for apartment living


I am a big recycler but I admit it can be a pain.  Luckily we have a giant recycle garbage can right outside our garage door, which conveniently is right next to our kitchen.  Its not like I want to walk out to the garage with each little item I want to recycle so what happens is a pile builds up on the corner of my kitchen counter and then when its overwhelming my kitchen I walk it all out to the recycle can.  I don’t mind it as much and we are used to it but it can be an eye sore.

The new Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler is great because it is big enough to hold a few days worth of recycling but nice enough that its not an eye sore.  The Recycler clips easily right over the cabinet with the included hooks, no installation required.  You can install the Recycler on the cabinet with an included template, but screws are not included.

The Recycler bag is five gallons, it holds 36 twelve-ounce cans, and is washable!  With a built-in handle it makes it easy to carry and empty, and best of all it lifts right off the cabinet door quickly and easily.  I haven’t had to wash mine yet but the material seems like it will be just fine.  The inside material reminds me of a diaper bag lining, wipes clean easy.  The outside is like canvas.  It looks nice in my kitchen and is even low enough for my kids to reach and recycle.  For the price of less than $20 it is an awesome way to keep your recycleables clean and out of sight!

Inside lining

Instructions with template for your cabinets if you are screwing this onto the inside of your cabinet



Plenty of room inside:

Thinking I might keep it here on the side

Lifts right off to empty

BUY IT:  The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler can be purchased at your local mass retailer or Rubbermaid online for a suggested retail price of $15.99 – $17.59.

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Mom and More Disclosure: I was sent this Rubbermaid set to review in exchange for my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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