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I remember Highlights magazine from when I was a child, my favorite being “The Timbertoes” comic and Hidden Pictures. When my son was born I couldn’t wait to get him a subscription but knew it would be a few years. To me Highlights magazine was more for a child 7 and up since there is reading involved. I had no clue Highlights has other versions of their magazine available for younger children. So when I was invited to the Highlights Party at BlogHer, I was excited to learn more about my favorite childhood magazine.

The event was very casual, with the focus being on their new magazine called “Highlights Hello” which is especially for babies ages 0-2. The magazine is actually a not like a typical magazine but made on a durable, washable, paper with rounded corners for babies to hold (and we all know they will try to eat it!) The ink is also non-toxic ink containing soy and or vegetable oils. It is for parents to start reading with their children simple stories and what is great is every month you get a new one to look at. To me its like a book subscription since you get this in the mail rather than constantly buying books. There are stories, poems, songs, colorful illustrations and of course Hidden Puzzle, but don’t worry its pretty easy! For me this is an adorable way to inspire a love of reading in my baby girl and gives us some bonding time. Even my boys who are 4 and 5, like to look at the magazine!

After Highlights Hello there is Highlights High Five which is a magazine designed for kids 2-6 years old. This magazine was a hit with my boys as it has puzzles, stories, pictures, crafts and even a game in it! They thought it was so cool to have their own magazine, “just like mommy” they said. I was thrilled to have them flip through this and then read it to them as they are so into the iPad right now that anything to inspire reading and an actual book (not on a computer screen) is a plus in my book!

Finally there is the classic Highlights magazine we all know and love. It is designed for kids ages 6-12 years old and honestly I don’t mind flipping through it! My 5 year old is almost ready to move into this magazine and I know he will be excited to get mail every month. I remember when I got the subscription, the day the magazine came in the mail I laid it my room and read it from front to back!

So really in my household I could subscribe to all three Highlights magazines for each of my children to enjoy! I love that Highlights has expanded its line to start kids off with a love of reading, and they have been since 1946!

BUY IT: One year subscriptions to any Highlights magazine is $34.44 and be ordered through www.Highlights.com or by calling 800-255-9517. There are also six book clubs, mobile apps, and trade books from Highlights available.

Mom and More Disclosure: I attended a media event through through Iconix and received samples in exchange for my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Thanks! I will order a subscription! Great review! You sold me on it!

  2. Oh I loved Highlighs when I was a kid. My aunt always made sure I had a subscription.. I have such great memories looking through them with my dad and doing the activites/games with him.