In the Aldi Test Kitchen & Some Aldi Tips {Day 2} #inthealdikitchen

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Day 2 of the ALDI Test Kitchen event was a short day of visiting an actual ALDI store and then headquarters.  We were bused to the local ALDI and met by the regional manager who walked us through the store and talked to us about ALDI and their products.

Some things I learned about ALDI:

  • Their fruits and vegetables are bought locally – from farm to store.
  • ALDI sells more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items.
  • ALDI prices are up to 50% less than traditional supermarkets
  • ALDI has a Double guarantee – if you don’t like it return it for another product and your money back!
  • Milk prices are set by the managers to compete with other local competitors
  • Some products have multiple barcodes to make it easier and quicker for cashiers to scan items
  • ALDI is getting rid of some of their freezers for more fresh products and bread
  • ALDI does carry some name brands (Pringles, Tyson, M&Ms….)
  • Don’t miss the seasonal products – we saw a whole slew of Pumpkin products, like Pumpkin Everything!
  • ALDI milk is not “cheap milk” as in it’s any different from other milk. It is still made with no artificial growth hormones
  • ALDI ships their products in boxes where the associates just have to stock those boxes and rip off the opening – it saves money and time, which is passed on to the consumer

Pictures from throughout the store:

aldi 1

aldi 2

aldi milk

aldi boxes

aldi produce

aldi meat

aldi seafood

To end the day we were asked to use a secret ingredient to make guacamole.  I chose mangos, while others used chocolate, grapes, and other ALDI items.  It was a fun challenge and the guacamole with chocolate actually won!

I had a great time trying out ALDI products and have since upped what I buy from ALDI.  I hope to make it so I can do almost all of our shopping there as they are carrying more and more products I buy and love.  With their Double Guarantee too there is no harm in buying a product either as you can return it (although yes its your time of going back to the store.)  For lunch we had a Mexican themed lunch and everything was delicious.

If you have never been to ALDI, here are some tips:

  • Bring your own bags (or you can buy some there)
  • It is $0.25 for a shopping cart, but you get your quarter back when you return the cart.
  • Don’t be afraid to try the ALDI brand!
  • Almost every time you think you found a great deal somewhere else, ALDI probably has it cheaper! (How do they do that!?)
  • ALDI only takes cash or debit card (or an ALDI gift certificate) – no credit cards.
  • ALDI does not sell produce that you can weigh – it is all pre-packaged for you or sold individually with a set price.
  • If you have been to ALDI in the past (like years and years ago) give them another try, they have changed and you’ll be surprised.

Overall, while I have always been an ALDI shopper, I now go there even more and have expanded my purchases.  ALDI wine, cheese, and seafood are now my must buys.  You really can’t beat their prices (well maybe if you’re an extreme couponer, but I don’t have time for that.)

Mom and More Disclosure: I attended this event with all expenses paid and received gifts. I am sharing this post and my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I like to shop at Aldi during the holidays because they have products that a lot of other stores don’t carry.