LEGO SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep 3815 {Review}

What do a boat, Spongebob and my 4 year old equal?  One happy child!  While SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep is just a small set (only 95 pieces) it packs a lot of fun in that little box!

LEGO SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep 3815

Evil Plankton has stolen the secret Krabby Patty recipe from Mr. Krabs and super friends SpongeBob and Patrick are giving chase in their Boatmobile. Can our heroes catch him and keep the secret formula safe?

  • Catch Plankton and keep the secret recipe safe
  • Features SpongeBob, Patrick and Plankton mini-figures
  • Boat-mobile included
  • 95 pieces total

First off I love it because since it has so few pieces, my 4 year old was able to build it all by himself!  Oh and note I have them put their LEGO sets in a tray so they don’t loose pieces while building.

Love the two heroes and bad guy Plankton that it comes with!  They have superhero capes and just seriously look so cool.  To me the set is worth it just for those cute little guys!

Boat is ready to take off!  It is actually pretty big and fits both characters just fine.

This is a great set for any SpongeBob fan and like I said my 4 year old was able to build it all on his own.  It gave him a change to accomplish something and then enjoy it by playing with it afterwards.  It is a great starter set for a child or just a set to add to any LEGO fan’s collection!  You get two superhero mini figures, a bad guy and a boat for less than $20 if you can get it on sale!

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BUY IT: LEGO SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep 3815 can be purchased wherever LEGOs are sold or at your local toy retailer for $28.90.

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  1. Annmarie W. says:

    My son loves the starbwars legos…and I know my daughter would love to see a hunger games lego setolr a doctor who set!

  2. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    I would like to see Nascar’s Kyle Busch lego set.

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  5. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d like to see “animal” lego sets…with frogs:)

  6. Hello Kitty legos would be awesome

  7. stephanie bryant says:

    i love the harry potter legos

  8. My daughter would love this one…LEGO set SpongeBob Heroic Heroes of the Deep 3815. She love SpongeBob.

  9. I would like to see Bob the Builder

  10. Sarah Hall says:

    I would like to see more of the Star Wars collection.

  11. My daughter wants Monster High 🙂

  12. I would love to see Veggie Tales or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  13. An Adventure Time Lego set should exist, lol. My kids LOVE that show!

  14. I would like to see the Magic tree house Lego set.

  15. My son loves the Super Hero sets. Thank you

  16. I’d like to see Tim Burton inspired LEGO’s
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  17. I’d like to see Go, Diego, Go – Africa or Arctic Legos. I’d also like to see a Dragons: Riders of Berk set.

  18. I would like to see Scooby Doo legos.

  19. renee walters says:

    My son would like the Futurama Lego sets! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy New Year!

  20. Michelle dement says:

    Hello kitty would be awesome…there is such a small amount of Legos for girls and my daughter enjoys them as well as my son

  21. Futurama lego sets and south park lego sets would be fun!

  22. Jennifer Clay says:

    Hello Kitty!

  23. hello kitty lego for my baby girl

  24. Wanda Clark says:


  25. sandra davis says:

    would love to see super mario legos

  26. Kim Burnett says:

    Hello Kitty Legos

  27. sara mcconville says:

    Little mermaid sets

  28. I’d like to see Clifford the Big Red Dog!

  29. My son would love Adventure Time Legos.

  30. Mary Williams says:

    Veggie Tales would be great!

  31. I remember when all the Lego sets weren’t tied to product placement….

    Having said that. Dinosaur Train related would be cool.

  32. Jennifer T. says:

    I’d love to see a Homestar Runner (cartoon strip) Lego set.

  33. Chrystal S says:

    The huge star wars death star! Though I also remember a huge bust of Yoda a guy I know had on his desk. That would be cool too lol.

  34. I’d love Hello Kitty Legos for my daughter.

  35. Megan Cromes says:

    dukes of hazzard

  36. I think it’d be cool to have a scooby doo lego set. That would be fun! A disney Minney and Mickey would be awesome too. Thank you for the fun giveaway! 🙂

  37. nikki krutz says:

    sports legos

  38. Priscilla Benavides says:

    I would love a Dinosaur Train Lego set for my kids!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  39. I would love to see Veggie Tales Legos.

  40. molli vandehey says:

    star trek!!

  41. My daughter would love to see a Peppa Pig set.

  42. Gloria Walshver says:

    My grandson loves SpongeBob and also Legos he’s be thrilled with this.

  43. How about some angry bird legos?

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  45. My son likes the castle ones. I hope they make them again.

  46. Jake and the Neverland pirates.


  47. Ashley Hatten says:

    How about thomas the train

  48. sharon cowles says:

    Id love to see Juarasic park legos…grandies love the movies

  49. I’d like to see one where we could build the Golden Gate Bridge.

  50. I would like to see a Winnie The Pooh Lego set/or Strawberry Shortcake

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  51. Ann Fantom says:

    I’d like to see a Jeff Gordon / NASCAR LEGO set

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    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  54. Audra Weathers says:

    I’d like to see a Peppa Pig set or maybe a Doc McStuffins set. My daughter would love that!

  55. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    Wed love Thomas legos!

  56. Iron man!

  57. I’d like to see more sets directed towards girls. Dora, Hello Kitty, Barbie?

  58. Marty Harris says:

    I would like to see you have a BatMan lego giveaway

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  62. Leslie Galloway says:

    I’d like to see Madagascar legos.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

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  64. Megan Parsons says:

    Lego Friends Heartlake Stables 3189

  65. Katie Morris Crider says:

    Curious George

  66. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    BATMAN =)

  67. My son would like Phineas & Ferb legos!

  68. Dora the Explorer or other Disney characters 🙂

  69. Renee Richardson says:

    Jake and the Neverland Pirates would be so cool. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  70. nannypanpan says:

    we’d love to see thomas and friends

  71. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Tru blood or twilight 🙂

  72. amanda roach says:

    power rangers.

  73. I love the Star Wars set. My nephews love the Ninjagos

  74. I’d like an Extreme Makeover Home Edition Lego set, you help Ty rebuild a house 🙂

  75. Winnie the Pooh set of the Hundred Acre Woods.

  76. wendy rozema says:

    my daughter would Love hello kitty legos!

  77. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    my grandson loves Thomas The Train

  78. Carrie Phelps says:

    I would love to see a Lego set from the movie Tangled.

  79. i’d love to see chuggington for my son!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  80. Donna Marie says:

    Tinkerbell or Brave

  81. Kami Bryant says:

    What about X-men legos?

  82. Gloria Walshver says:

    Batman Legos would thrill many kids.

  83. Gloria Walshver says:

    Batman Legos would thrill many kids.

  84. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My grandson loves Spongebob, it’s his favorite so I’m happy with him

  85. Teresa Young says:

    for older kids – realistic looking models of animals such as birds & reptiles

  86. jenny green says:

    I would love to see a toy story lego set

  87. rebeka deleon says:

    i would like to see a hello kitty lego set for girls

  88. we’re happy with SpongeBob

  89. My kids’ current favorite show is “Fairly Oddparents,” so I’m sure they’d love to see some Fairly Oddparents Legos!

  90. Jenny Sims says:

    I would love to see a Jake and the NEver Land Pirates Lego set!

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    Do they have Spider-Man Lego yet?

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