Stonz Booties – Love Them! {Review}

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In Chicago we have crazy weather. Its cold, its windy, its unpredictable. One thing I am always checking is that my kids feet are warm but then I have the problem of my little one taking her shoes off. I also hate the bulk of shoes when I’m carrying her or I worry that her little shoes will fall off. Well then I saw the Stonz Booties and I knew they would solve my problem.

Stonz Booties are basically booties your child can wear alone or over their shoes to keep their feet warm and dry. They all great for Fall, Winter and Spring and can even be lined with special Stonz Linerz for extra warmth.

Just some of the styles:

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  • Worn as primary footwear (with just bare feet) or as a shell over something else
  • Fleece-lined inside and coated nylon outside
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Designed for all seasons
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, skid-resistant soles recommended for developing feet
  • Sizes S-XL for 0-3 years old

What I love about Stonz Booties is that they are so lightweight and easy to put on. Its just two adjustable toggles that you tighten or loosen. No velcro or buckles, just a stretchy toggle to pull on. I have used these both on Olivia over just her socks and over her little girl shoes and both ways are perfect for us. A lot of times we are just heading to a family members house and she doesn’t really need shoes so these Booties are nice because they give her the warmth in the car ride without the bulk or heaviness of shoes. For times when I do not need her to wear shoes, the Booties are nice because they slip on and they don’t create bulk in her car seat. She’s warm, happy and of course fashionable. At times when she is wearing her cute little girl shoes (you know the ones that are cute but not practical in snow) I can slip the Booties over her shoes and she is set for the snow.

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Overall, I am happy with our Stonz Booties and Olivia loves them (my husband probably loves them the most since he hates struggling to get shoes on her.) I will definitely be getting her another pair when she outgrows these, but luckily she will get two seasons out of these first. There are so many fun styles available and you can’t beat the quality.

Other than Booties, Stonz also make Mitz (gloves), Booties Linerz, Hatz, and Rain Boot Linerz. All their products are high quality and designed to be easy to care for, easy to fit and stay on kids.

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  1. Julie Lutz says:

    i love the reversible hats

  2. Rain Bootz – Grey/Black.

  3. Sandra Beeman says:

    I like the Booties in 3 Daisy Mauve for children.

  4. Laura Bradley says:
  5. My Favorite is the
    Infant Mittz – Fuchsia

  6. Allyson Tice says:

    Youth Mittz – Polka Dot Navy $39.99

  7. Saver Sara says:

    Infant Mittz – Black

  8. Charlene Shaver says:

    I like the Blue/Black Rain Bootz 🙂

  9. I think they r cute wanna try em

  10. I like the Reversible Hatz – Stripe Brown & Denim/Brown

  11. susan smoaks says:

    i love the Rain Bootz – Blue/Black

  12. 3 daisies mauve

  13. Jason McDermott says:

    I like the red booties!

  14. i love the alien blue bootiess (:

  15. Rain Bootz – Pink/Black

  16. Kari Flores says:

    I really like the Pointed Hatz – Polka Dot Navy.

  17. The red booties are my favorite!

  18. Julie Jones says:

    I like the pointed hat in navy blue

  19. jeanne conner says:

    i like the Booties – Polka Dot Brown

  20. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I’d like the navy sneakers.

  21. Alexandra Roach says:

    I like the red booties!

  22. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite is the Monkey Brick Red Booties.


  23. Rachel Kolker says:

    I like the Alien Blue Booties. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. the blue & black rain boots for my grandson

  25. Brittney House says:

    I like the cherries light pink booties.

  26. sandra davis says:

    i like the red rain bootz

  27. Amanda Morgan says:

    Love the booties!!!!!

  28. jamie braun says:

    my fave is the Booties – Hibiscus Burgundy

  29. Christine Uniejewski says:

    Love the booties and the rain boots.

  30. cathy henatyszen says:

    I like the Rain Bootz – Blue/Black

  31. I could use Rain Bootz – Blue/Black and then stop worrying about wet cold feet in the rain.

  32. I like the Reversible Hatz in Pink & Pink/Brown.

  33. rebeka deleon says:

    the rain bootz

  34. tina reynolds says:

    I love the Rain Bootz – Blue/Black and Booties – Crocodile Brown

  35. Les Johnson says:

    My favorite are the Crocodile Brown Booties.

  36. jessica edwards says:

    polka dot brown hat

  37. domestic diva says:

    I like the rain bootz.

  38. I like the Stonz Booties – in Crocodile Brown!

  39. I like race car black.


  40. Patti Hess says:

    I love these booties the one I like the most is Crocodile Brown

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  41. I like the Crocodile Brown Booties.

  42. i like the black booties

  43. katie klein says:

    I love the monkey brick red booties!


    croidile brown

  45. I like the crocodile Brown Booties…. 🙂

  46. I love the Penguin Yellow booties!

  47. Kim Burnett says:

    Crocodile Brown Booties

  48. courtney b says:

    3 daisy mauve boots!

  49. booties in black

  50. Stephanie Larison says:

    Booties – 3 Daisies Mauve

  51. sharon cowles says:

    Youth Mittz (2-8+ yrs) in Polka Dot pink and brown.. I’m always struggling to keep the grandies from losing mitts and keeping them on.. the cinch draw string to keep the snug and stay on…really cute and functional

  52. Deborah Grant says:

    I live in Northwest Indiana and yes we and Chicago know what snow is all about. Keeping your feet dry and warn is number one and Stonz Booties look like they will do just that and so cute too.

  53. Michelle Little says:

    I like the pink polka dot reversible hatz.

  54. Mary Payment says:

    The Stonz Booties are so cute, I can’t decide which style I like best.

  55. michelle warner says:

    i love the reversable hats they are too cute

  56. andy chiabotta says:

    These look great

  57. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I like the brown dark booties!

  58. sheryl granholm says:

    The Polka Dot Brown Hat is my favorite. 🙂

  59. nikki krutz says:

    Booties – Hibiscus Burgundy

  60. I like the Booties – Crocodile Brown

  61. April Vendetti says:

    I like the mitts but those shoes are adorable.

  62. Crystal locklear says:

    Love them

  63. I like the Youth Mitts.

  64. These look very good for the kids.

  65. Sammy Kim says:

    The rain boot linerz are very cute

  66. jenny green says:

    I like the Booties – Polka Dot Navy

  67. Sacha Schroeder says:

    My fav product is Youth Mittz – Fuchsia.

  68. I love the polka dot navy pointed hat!

  69. I love the Stonz Booties (especially the Brown Crocodile) and the Reversible Hatz!

  70. Debra Hall says:

    Infant Mittz – Stonz Footprint Black

  71. amy pugmire says:

    I love the Booties – Race Car Black

  72. Michael direnzo says:

    Looking to win for for my new baby girl

  73. Marissa M says:

    I love the
    Booties – 3 Daisies Mauve

  74. Kortney Picker says:

    I love the Booties – Hibiscus Burgundy, you are right, these booties are super cute!! I would love a pair of these for my daughter!!

  75. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    I love the look on her face, like “Really Mom”. lol!

  76. My favorite is the Reversible Hatz – Stripe Brown & Denim/Brown.

  77. I like the Polka Dot Brown Hat

  78. I like the Youth Mitz in grey.

  79. Caitlin McClure says:

    love Reversible Hatz – Stripe Brown & Denim/Brown

  80. I like the Crocodile Brown Booties.

  81. I like the Pointed Hatz – Polka Dot Brown

  82. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I like the Alien Blue Booties!

  83. cute booties

  84. Kat Hanaway says:

    I absolutely love the Stonz Booties! What a great idea!!