3 Teeth in One Month!

Beginning of the month Aidan, my soon-to-be 6 year old, lost his first tooth.  It had been loose and him and his brother were fighting and out it came.  Blood everywhere!  He was so excited!  Then the other day, they were playing around again and Aidan lost another tooth!  The next morning, he was wiggling another tooth and out it came!  He exclaimed “Gavin didn’t even have to knock this one out!”  So Aidan (who turns 6 this weekend) lost 3 teeth in one month!  Of course too it happened before I got his 6 year old pictures!


The first tooth I gave him $10 because that was all I had, the next two teeth I gave a $5.  My intentions were to only give $1 per tooth but my husband wanted to give $5.

So how much do you give for the tooth fairy?  When did your child start loosing their teeth?  Have any good tooth fairy stories?

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  1. First teeth were 5 and every one after that was a buck. My youngest seemed to always lose his teeth at school in lunch lol. Come home wearing a tooth necklace.