With LEGOs YouTube Channel, I Can Now Go to the Bathroom… #LEGO #spon

As a mom of three I am busy and it is nearly impossible for me to entertain three kids of different ages at the same time. One or two of my kids are always left out of whatever I am doing with another because they are not interested in the subject, too young or just want to do their own thing. One thing all three of my children though agree on though are LEGOs. Yes even my little one who is only 18 months loves LEGOs, that is of course when she is not trying to put them in her mouth! She actually though loves to watch her brothers (4 and 6 years old) builld and now watch LEGOs on the computer. I asked my 6 year old the other day, what he likes more: building with LEGOs or watching them being built and he couldn’t decide. I was shocked. I mean when I was little there was no YouTube like there is today, heck we didn’t even have computers!

Here is Aidan cleaning up some of his LEGOs, and yes that is a LEGO table in the background that we built!

So as a child I had to entertain myself and be hands-on, and my poor mom probably not only got nothing done for herself but went crazy playing with me over and over. Yes I do beleive moms need time to themselves. Whether it be to go out and get a pedicure or shop, or just go the bathroom by herself – hey I will take whatever I can get.

Recently my boys discovered YouTube and at first I was all like “YouTube is great!” We watched educational videos on how things were made, music videos for kids, and cartoon shorts. Then however one day while my boys were right next to me on the couch watching a homemade video with kids playing with superhero toys, there was a voiceover talking about gay people! I quickly threw my laptop and grabbed the iPad from them to turn it off. I probably reacted faster than normal because my son had a friend over and all I needed was for him to go home and tell his mom about the “gay superheros” he saw at our house! So I banned YouTube. My boys were devastated. I felt like we lost a friend and teacher, but it had to be done.

Then I saw that LEGO had their own LEGO YouTube Channel. It is a save channel with over 500 videos, with more videos added daily, that are safe for kids to watch! No swear words, inapporiate messages, or creepy videos for me to worry about. My boys sit there and are literally fascinated by all the videos. They click and click and are in LEGO-heaven. I can also create playlists of their favorites so we don’t have to search for them next time.

LEGO YT - infographic

Now yes I still have to supervise my kids because it is still on YouTube and they do accidentally click on other links but it is much better than just doing a search for “LEGO” (which is what I used to do) and letting them watch any of those videos. Oh and yes I now have two boys who want everything they see in the LEGO videos, but I am teaching them to be creative with the LEGO pieces they have and to save up their money! It is so nice though to put this on for them and get a few minutes to myself.

Check out YouTube.com/LEGO for lots of LEGO fun and go to the bathroom in peace!

Here is one of my playlist and you can also check out the rest of my LEGO playlists:

Thank you to LEGO and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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