How to Squeeze in Some Extra Steps in Your Day…. #FitbitChallenge

Walking is something that is not only free but can be so beneficial for one’s health.  I admit I hate to excercise and I can’t run for the life of me, but walking is something I don’t mind at all.  I actually can’t wait for warmer weather, we are in the 30’s now here in Chicago, so I can go walking with my neighbor again.  I was doing so good walking every night and now I stay in all the time.  Here are some ways I get some extra steps in while being inside.  Now yes I could say to use a treadmill or go to a gym, but here are free and simple ways I use:

  • Wear a Pedometer.  Wearing my FitBit really motivates me to get more steps than I did the day before and work towards the recommended 10,000 steps a day.  I am constantly checking it and I admit I feel a little pathetic when I only have a few thousand steps for the day.  What is worse is I just read that that celebrities use 14,000 steps as a minimum – so apparently I need to get stepping!

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  • Have more than one bathroom?  Use the bathroom farther from you each time.  For me since I am mainly on the main floor I challenge myself to go upstairs to the bathroom in my bedroom.  It not only gives me extra steps but I can usually bring laundry up or down at the same time.
  • Don’t just stand there when you are blow drying your hair, brushing your teeth or talking on the phone – Walk!   Yes I walk around my bedroom when I brush my teeth and blow dry my hair just to keep moving and keep my steps going.  (I admit I even walk in place while I am in the shower at times.)
  • Always park farther away.  Don’t drive around and around to get a super-close parking spot, park farther away and get those steps in.
  • Don’t bug your kids (or husband) to get something for you. I am bad with asking my kids to bring me this or that.  Now I just get up and get it myself.
  • Do you walk your kids to the bus stop?  Well instead of turning around and walking home, do a quick walk around the block!  I admit I am not doing this now since its 30 degrees but it is on my goal list!
  • At stores, walk up and down the aisles.  Yes I know this can be dangerous but it is an easy way to gain extra steps and I sometimes find items I forgot about or items on sale I could use.

Don’t forget every step counts!


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  1. I walk in place all the time. Filling my water bottle, walk in place. Sending a fax at work, walk in place.
    But for me, not having someone else grab stuff for me makes a HUGE difference. I’m so bad about having the kids grab stuff for me

  2. So true! I find that I’m close to my goal at night and I can’t go to sleep until I’ve walked those last 1000 steps. I walk in place while folding laundry and I’ve been parking farther away, too. I even take my time going through stores when shopping, downside of that is spending more money.

    I really want to get the new Fitbit One!

  3. What I want to know is how celebrities walk that much!??! Do you think any were wearing them at the Oscars last night?!? haha – love these ideas.