DVD Review: “Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations”

thomas sticky situations

Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations DVD

Released:  December 11, 2012

Studio:  LYONS / HIT ENT.

Running Time:  50 minutes

Yes this is another Thomas DVD with the same wholesome lessons as the others, but my boys love it.  This DVD features four episodes each featuring Thomas and his friends getting into mischief but learning lessons in the longrun.  They are wholesome episodes with the trains solving problems, working together and getting into mischief.  I like that they focus on solving problems which my boys could definitely use help with.

The engines on the Island of Sodor find themselves in some sticky and slippery situations! Thomas and Butch are stuck in a bind when they don’t fully listen to directions. Spencer gets lost in the fog but learns he can actually be Spencer the Helpful. Gordon must swallow his pride after dropping the Lion of Sodor in the mucky, muddy river and Edward shows Charlie there’s a time to be Really Fun and a time to be Really Useful.  All aboard for fun-filled tales as friends help each other through all kinds of sticky situations!

Episodes include:

  • “Stuck on You”
  • “Spencer the Grand”
  • “Gordon and Ferdinand”
  • “Charlie and Eddie”
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thomas sticky situations

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  1. Baby plus fresh chocolate chip cookies = sticky mess.

  2. Annette Rosenberg says:

    Grace is just starting on solids foods, everything in the dining room is sticky!

  3. my daughter got lotion out of my purse and learned how to open it up and squirt it out :/

  4. Peanut Butter!

  5. climbed out of crib

  6. Vikki Billings says:

    Any time my grandson eats ice cream it is a Sticky Mess

  7. Kelli Smith says:

    While outside playing one of my two year old twin boys found and brought me a present. A fresh dog turd with his bare hand. True story. I almost died.

  8. Anytime he attempts to eat a cup cake he’s in a sticky situation! lol

  9. Spills all day

  10. always spilling stuff!

  11. Melissa Allen says:

    My son loves thomas the train!!

  12. Julia Packer says:

    I should really just ban gum in my house bc everytime my son chews it it ends up stuck on him or the carpet

  13. My son is alway in some sort of “sticky situation”. The other day he decided to help his sister with her math homework she had just finished and had stepped away from for 1 sec. So she had to pass it in with his artwork covering a portion of it!

  14. Jennifer H says:

    My daughter loves prunes – she creates a “sticky situation” every day with them!

  15. sharing with a friend was a sticky situation

  16. Lying.

  17. Candice Hull says:

    A very literal sticky situation, I caught my oldest son taping his 2 year old brother to the wall.

  18. Ed Nemmers says:

    The little one just spilled orange juice all over the kitchen table!

  19. Rebecca Peters says:

    My daughter got syrup all threw her hair!

  20. Karen Farrow says:

    He got his coat tail stuck in the car door. We laughed so hard cause he was acting like such a clown trying to get free.

  21. our 4 year old grandson said a bad word…..

  22. My granddaughter got up before the rest of the family and decided to finger paint with the toothpaste.

  23. My grandson loves anything with Thomas the Train. Thanks so much

  24. The usual sticky situation includes Thomas & Friends.. My son is a lover of Thomas and has about 100 trains. Sometimes, he sets up his tracks on the bed and plays trains. Often, one of the trains slips and falls into the space between the wall and bed. He has actually gotten his arm stuck while reaching for his trains.

  25. sandra davis says:

    my son poured kool aid in the aquarium because he said the fish were thirsty

  26. fling off the swing too soon. lol

  27. Christine says:

    If I did not feed the baby every three hours, the milk would automatically ooze out which made it pretty embarrassing for me to be in front of other people or in a meeting, hence I was forced to carry a change of clothes to work with me.
    Thanks for the chance!

  28. Once she started walking she’d walk everywhere in the house, and usually ended up in the bathroom lol I called her to come out of there and she came out with the plunger to the living room where everyone was sitting LOL

  29. When my son dumped flour all over the kitchen…yup, he was in a sticky situation.

  30. renee walters says:

    My son poured syrup all over the floor this morning and laughed until he fell over.

  31. Eating yogurt. She loves it but, wow what a mess!

  32. Suzie Williams says:

    My daughter had some friend issues at school and had to make the choice to stand up against a friend who was picking on another friend.

  33. Wendy Schueman says:

    My youngest Daughter learned to write her name at 3 1/2 and decided to use permanent Black magic marker and write it on the fridge, back door, kitchen floor and T.V. screen, Thank you!

  34. My two year old recently discovered maple syrup…

  35. My son opened one of his bean bags and the styrofoam got stuck to us for the longest time. We had to neutralize the chemical reaction.

  36. rich morris says:

    she tried to help with the cookies and spilled flower all over the kitchen

  37. My youngest squirted toothpaste up his nose recently. Luckily it was a runny gel kind and he blew it out easily.

  38. My two year old got into the last of the Christmas candy when no one was looking and was a chocalatey sticky mess.

  39. A big playdoh mess,

  40. Charlene S says:

    Eating ice cream.

  41. spaghetti’s and meatballs – without utensils
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  42. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    3 boys, 5, 3, and 1 all eating yogurt. Literally sticky 😉

  43. Debby Chandler says:

    my grandson found the fabric paint and decided to recolor the carpet.

  44. jamie braun says:

    she got into the peanut butter..id say sticky!

  45. Tami Valentine says:

    My daughter made cupcakes the other day. It was sticky mess with the frosting!

  46. steve weber says:

    my nephew recently punched a kid in the face because “he told me to”

  47. Colleen Maurina says:

    We found our little guy hiding under the kitchen table with Hershey’s chocolate syrup all over him! That kid just loves chocolate!

  48. She spilled juice on herself and the dog

  49. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    using Readi Whip in cereal…but it looks like milk. LOL

  50. When my oldest daughter was just over a year old, she would take naps in her crib while I would be doing house work. One day, out of the blue, my daughter started screaming. I ran back to her room to fins my little girl with her little chubby leg stuck in the crip bars. She had been playing and pulled the edge of the sheet off the mattress and when she decided to stand up, her socked foot slipped on the slick mattress and slid through the bars. I believe it scared her more than anything because when I got her leg out it was just a tiny bit red and she stopped crying.

  51. debbie jackson says:

    making a pb and j was pretty strawberry and sticky

  52. nannypanpan says:

    he got his head stuck in his shirt
    [email protected]

  53. Sarah Walker says:

    My son recently got into his desitin paste jar and smeared it all over himself and our dog. It was definitely a sticky situation.

  54. he spilled pink lemonade all over the place and was literally in the sticky situation

  55. D SCHMIDT says:

    Whilst I was painting the kitchen my youngest son kindly tried assisting by finger painting the cabinets

  56. Katie Morris Crider says:

    My daughter learned to listen and not walk away from me during the store b/c she did and got into a panic and was yelling frantically.

  57. A three-way play date, they had to learn to share friends

  58. He’s now crawling up on the fireplace ledge. Oye.