Does a SAHM Need Life Insurance? #SHGenworth

According to an article by Genworth Financial, 43% of women in the workforce have no life insurance. It’s alarming to see it as a statistic and really think about it. Single, married, children, or no children, life insurance is something everyone should think about. I admit when I worked before I had kids, I never had life insurance. I guess I just always assumed when I started a family that my husband would have it since he’d be the provider. Yes I wanted to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) and honestly I did see the point of having life insurance for myself.

After reading the article “Why women need life insurance” I realize how important it is. While I am not really contributing to our family income, I do run the household. What would my husband do without me? He would need a lot of help, especially in the beginning and our children would probably need to go to daycare. Where would that money come from? Life insurance. While life insurance money can’t replace me, it could definitely help my family pay for their new needs and not cause them another burden after loosing me. It is something so scary to think about but I want my family taken care of, just like my husband wants us taken care of as he has life insurance. So while I don’t have a salary I do contribute to our household income with daycare, chauffeuring, nursing (kissing boo boos, holding through the night…), budgeting our money, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, ah the list goes on. While my husband is certainly capable of doing all these things, life insurance money could help him get help with all these mom duties.

I definitely have to do some more research on how much life insurance I should have and probably re-evaluate my husband’s now that we have three kids. The article definitely gave me something to think about and I am glad I am not alone in my lack of life insurance. It is sad though to think of all the women that don’t have it and what would happen to the lives they leave behind.

Do you have life insurance?  Did you have it before kids (if you have them) or not until you did?

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