How to Check Your Blog’s Pinterest Analytics!

Okay so you have a blog and you use Pinterest, wouldn’t it be nice to visually see how many of your posts are pinned, re-pinned and clicked on?  Well Pinterest has finally answered our pleas!

Here are the steps on how to Verify your blog with Pinterest and then view your stats:

  • Go to Your name over the right, then settings and scroll down to where it says “Website”
  • Insert your Website URL
  • Click “Verify Website”
  • You have two choices you can Upload a file to your Host or add a Meta Tag to your blog code.  I tried the Meta Tag but it wouldn’t work for me so I uploaded the file.  For me since I have a self-hosted WordPress blog, I logged into my Hostgator CPanel and just uploaded the file Pinterest told me to.  Just follow the directions and be patient.  Once I uploaded the file and clicked “Verify” it took forever to actually verify!  Don’t be intimidated either, it really is easy to do this!
  • Okay once you are verified, you need to click your name again on the top right and go to “Switch the the New Look”.
  • Then go back to your name and click “Analytics”

There you go!

Here is a sample of what mine looks like:

pinterest mom and more

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  1. I’m so in love with this feature.

  2. Katherine G says:

    This was so informative. Thanks.

  3. Julie Jones says:

    I love looking at the most repinned and the most viewed so I know which of my posts people enjoy reading.