Whirl ‘N Twirl ™ Race Car {Review}

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My kids love their ride-on toys, but most of them are the same with only going forward or backward.  The wheels are pretty standard and while they all their own unique designs, leave it to Mega Bloks to change it up with the Whirl ‘N Twirl Race Car.

Whirl ‘N Twirl Race Car ™

mega bloks whirl twirl

Vroom, Vroom! Race your little one to the checkered flag with the bright red Whirl ’n Twirl Ride-On by Mega Bloks. This innovative ride-on truck takes playtime in a whole new direction with sturdy caster wheels for quick-turning action. Your little racer can lift the seat to reveal a storage trunk, perfect for transporting favorite toys and more from room to room. The Whirl ’n Twirl’s friendly face is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

At first glance the Whirl ‘N Twirl Race Car may seem like a typical riding toy but it is far from typical.  First off the wheels turn 360 degrees so you child can literally go in circles on this thing!  What is nice is that they can glide smoothly rather than stopping to turn.    My 18 month old thought it was hysterical how she could turn so easily!  Next is the wide saddle part that your child holds onto.  Its not a steering wheels or handlebars, but its like a saddle that your child can hold.  Finally it wouldn’t be a Mega Bloks toy if there wasn’t a way to incorporate Mega Bloks!  On the back there are two small pegs that your child can build upon and when they are done they can store the pieces inside.  This toy doesn’t covert to anything nor does it require batteries for sounds, but it rather inspires creativity and simple fun.  Even my 4 year old had to try it and was jealous he was too big for it.  The Whirl ‘N Twirl is perfect for ages 1-3 years old and both boys and girls.  It is super cute and definitely more than meets the eye.

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