Nibbles’ Play Cafe {Wheeling, IL} Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary admission for my family in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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I am all about indoor play areas for my kids and am constantly looking for new ones to check out.  The latest one we visited was Nibbles’ Play Cafe in Wheeling, IL.

It is a kid-friendly cafe with little playrooms for kids ages 0-6 years old.  The rooms include Construction Crew, Trains, kitchen, dress up, books and more!  Nibbles also features special guest appearances with a buffet included, which is what we attended.  Our special guest appearance was none other than The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George!  For a flat fee guests get an unlimited small breakfast buffet, cookie decorating and picture with the character.  My kids had been in a Curious George kick lately so it was perfect for us, you can check the Nibbles Cafe calendar though to see what Special Events they have coming up.

What is neat about Nibbles Play Cafe is that its small enough not to be too overwhelming for kids but big enough that kids won’t get bored that quickly.  Parents can sit in the cafe and all around them are little play areas with small walls separating them.  Each area has toys inside coordinating to the different play areas.  I felt like the areas could have had more in them though as I felt like they were lacking anything special.

As far as food goes, Nibbles Cafe offers a variety of adult foods, gourmet coffees and teas as well of course as a kid’s menu!  There is tons of seating and free wi-fi!  Parents can even have birthday parties at Nibbles!

Would we go back to Nibbles?  If we lived closer, I probably would.  For me, its about 45 minutes away and not great enough that I would drive that far for it again since I do have similar places nearby.  If there was a character appearance though featuring someone my children liked, I would jump on that though since it is a good deal!  They do have great hours though of  9:30-5:30 during the week, while other kids places I have been do have strange hours throughout different days.  Then Saturday Nibbles is open 9:30-2 and Sunday is closed for private events.  Nibbles would make a great meeting place though for playgroups and moms!  Prices are $7.50 for your first child and $3.75 for siblings.

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