Awesome Wristband for Kids With Allergies {Review}

Disclosure: I received this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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My 4 year old has a tree-nut, peanut, and egg allergy, in addition to issues with asthma.  While he knows and understands these allergies, he is also just a 4 year old boy.  Obviously my son is with me or another trusted adult most of the time, he also encounters many other adults and kids at school, parties and other places.  These people don’t always remember about Gavin’s allergies and there are so many foods that have the foods he’s allergic too hidden inside.  Like who knew that the brand spinach I bought was made in the same factory that processes peanuts?  Or that ranch contains eggs?

Then I saw the customized medical ID bracelets on the Hope Paige website and I knew I found a solution!  Hope Paige makes bracelets that are fun, kid-approved and fashionable medical accessories that blend in easily with everyday clothes.  They are perfect for kids at any age and pretty much any allergy you need is available on their site!

Since my son has multiple allergies, I knew the Six Charm Allergy Wristband Set (retail price $15.99) would be perfect.  This particular wristband features six allergy charms that are the most common (peanut, nut, dairy, egg, wheat/gluten and shellfish) and is adjustable to fit children’s wrists.  The allergy charms pop in easily and then stay secure until you need to remove it.  The wristband features three adjustable snaps and fits a 5 3/4 inch, 6 1/4 inch, and 6 3/8 inch wrist.  It is latex free with nickel free snaps, so its safe for kids that may have issues with either of those.  The charms can even be put in shoes (like Crocs) if they have holes to snap these into.

Don’t mind the orange marker Gavin is covered in 🙂



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In the past my son had the single Peanut bracelet, but now with his other issues, I love this bracelet and that I can customize it for him rather than him wearing 3-4 bracelets!  When I showed it to my 4 year old son I was worried he would think it was girly or strange to wear this bracelet, but he loves it!  He wears it proudly and loves it!  He actually gets upset if he forgets to wear it.  The wristband is not only a conversation starter with him but it reminds him and others about his allergies.  It is a reminder that is right there for him to see and others, as he reaches for a food.  It actually worked awesomely when we were at a local restaurant and the waitress went to hand him a cupcake, she noticed his bracelet and asked him about it.  As a typical 4 year old he was excited about the cupcake, forgetting that eggs (and possibly nuts) are in cupcakes.  Crisis adverted and no epi-pen was needed!  Gavin’s allergy wristband has become something that he wears everyday, just like underwear as I explain to him.

In addition to the Six Charm Allergy Wristband, Hope Paige offers a variety of medical bracelets and ID tags.  The items are a great way to keep someone safe and for the small cost it is well worth it!

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