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Ebooks&Kids is an Italian company that creates and produces animated, interactive apps and ebooks for kids ages 2 to 10 years old.  They feature playful educational content to help kids develop and strengthen their capabilities.  I got the chance to check out two of their new apps and they are pretty cool!
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Wee Kids Math is a truly fun and educational game for children!

  • tens of brand new activities with many playing levels
  • fantastic original images
  • captivating bright colors
  • engaging sound effects

It improves mathematical skills through a wide range of graphic and innovative math exercises that develop in exciting and uniquely animated games.

With Wee Kids Math you travel through the world of vegetables, animals, and insects; cross over lands from the South Pole to the Savana passing through Venice and visiting stars and planets.

You might ask yourself, “but aren’t you talking about a math app?” Yes!

In every one of these scenes you have to recognize numbers, solve calculations and much more: all with bright colors, wonderful images, beautiful music and sound effects.


  • Algebra and arithmetic basics, numbers 0-20, calculations for beginning learners, addition and subtraction
  • Logic and memory games – For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase.

I love apps where my boys are secretly learning and this app is one of them.  It is a challenging app that I’d say would be good for a child ages 5 and up where your child will learn all about numbers.  The games inside this app feature numbers in the word form (One), number (1) and in a visual picture form (such as 1 anchor.)  I will say some of the games, I needed the instructions to help my 6 year old know what to do, but once I checked out the visual instructions he was set.  What is nice though is there are no crazy directions for kids to try to read or navigate through, its very visual and kid-friendly.  My son loves the challenges of the games and I love that he is secretly getting help with math!  This is a perfect app for any child who likes numbers or needs some extra help with them.
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Wee Kids ABC – from letters to words – is an educational game for children, truly exciting and unique in its kind!

  • seven new activities with hundreds of words
  • fantastic original images
  • captivating bright colors
  • engaging sound effects

Play with circus performers, increase your language and spelling skills by moving between letters and words with colored graphics. It’s fun and most of all filled with innovative and intriguing games.

  • You will try and “Catch the letters!” by racing the quick bunnies.
  • Practice searching for words in the trapeze nets.
  • View all the letters of the alphabet and select your favorite images to help associate and remember the letters.
  • Be immersed into the world of your language with beautiful musical effects.


  • Reading and writing activities, alphabet, Vocabulary, word – image association.
  • Created for children aged 5 years and up.

This app I found a little easier in some sense for kids than Wee Kids Match, but it is still a great app for young kids.  The app is full of games all about letters!  There are word search puzzles, spell the item that is pictured, tap the correct letter (like Whack A Mole) and more.  Each game has letters as the focus and I’d say its great for preschoolers, but they may need a little help in the spell the item that is pictured game.  One of the pictures was a “Rhombus” and even I had to think about that one and try to explain it to my son as to what it was.  I do like how this is a little more challenging though that other games they have tried.  The word search is probably my son’s favorite!

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Your picture will go from this:

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To this:

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This giveaway is going to be ran a little different than my other giveaways, but the prize above is pretty cool!

To participate in the contest you will need to:
  • Make a photo of your child spending a time with his family and playing with the apps at home, outside, basically anywhere he or she usually plays with an iPad. Certainly it will be great if the iPad screen will be visible on the photo.
  • Post this photo via their Instragram (with a tag #funInfamily), Pinterest profile or both and follow Ebooks&Kids on Twitter –
  • Send an email at [email protected] letting know about their Instagram / Pinterest or both posts.
  • Once the contest is over Ebooks&Kids team will pick up the photo they believe will be the best and the team’s designer will draw this picture by hand. This picture via electronic format will be sent to the winner.

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