Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures {Review} #KNEX

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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We love Pac-Man.  We actually love Pac-Man so much we have a big arcade cabinet of Pac-Man in our basement.  Something about that little yellow guy just always makes me smile.  Now that my boys are getting older they are starting to get into games and Pac-Man has become one of their favorites.  I had never imagined Pac-Man toys until of course K’NEX came out with them.  Leave it to K’NEX to bring  back a classic!

pacman building sets

K’NEX features four Pac-Man building sets and Mystery Figure Bags starring Pac-Man and his ghost enemies.  I got the chance to check out all four building sets and my 5 year old build them all by himself.  The sets are based off the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures hit TV show on Disney XD – which we had no clue about before!  Yes there is a Pac-Man animated show currently on Disney XD!

pacman sets

  • Pac’s Pac World Maze Building Set
  • Betrayus’ Netherworld Maze Building Set
  • Cylindria’s Netherworld Maze Building Set
  • Spiral’s Pac World Maze Building Set

First off I’d say you definitely need all four to really have fun as otherwise one set is just a small piece and you can’t do much with it.  Having all four sets makes a big maze and kid can actually play with it, which mine have been doing like crazy!  First kids get the fun of building the sets then playing with the sets and maneuvering Pac-Man through the maze.  Then kids can re-build the sets and customize them to change up the pieces.  Each set comes with two figures and the pieces to build a maze piece.  My favorite is probably Pac’s Pac World Maze Building Set because it comes with Pac-Man himself so I’d say if you are going to get just one set, get that one.  Pac-Man even shoots pellets out of his mouth!  They are all cute and fun though with all the same amount of pieces basically.  Betrayus’ Netherworld Maze Building is probably the scariest as the Betrayus figure is pretty creepy!

Creating the maze with all four sets really though creates a fun little playset.  My boys love playing with Pac-Man as the good guy and then playing with the bad guys.  Everything is customizable and moveable.  This would even be a great conversation piece for adult fans!

building pacman

more pacman sets

pacman 1

pacman 2

pacman 3

You can see the the whole maze size in comparison to my hand:

pacman 4

pacman 5

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  1. What an educational and fun toy set to put together. Instead of sitting and always playing video games, my nephew can play this wonderful toy. This is a good toy to give for Christmas!