KidKraft Magnolia Mansion {Review}

Disclosure:  I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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When I was younger I always wanted a wooden dollhouse.  Back then wooden toys were like “the” toys to have and unfortunately they were also mostly out of my parent’s budget.  I did have a cardboard dollhouse but as you can imagine that didn’t last as long!  After having two boys, I couldn’t wait to spoil my daughter with all things girly and pink.  Now that she is getting older and starting to take care of her toys better I figured it would be a good time to start breaking out my old dolls for her.  My Barbie dolls are the only things saved from my childhood and I cherished them as a child.  So my daughter had the dolls, clothes and some furniture but she needed a dollhouse of course.  When I saw the Magnolia Mansion from KidKraft I seriously fell in love!

Magnolia Mansion

kidkraft magnolia mansion

The Magnolia Mansion dollhouse is like something out of a fairy tale, complete with elegant artwork and old-fashioned furniture pieces.

  • Includes 13 accessory pieces
  • Toilet makes flushing sound at the push of a button
  • Lamp lights up at the push of a button
  • Keyboard plays music at the push of a button
  • Molded plastic staircase
  • Gliding elevator
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once
  • Made of composite wood materials
  • Accommodates fashion dolls up to 12” tall
  • Smart, sturdy construction
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • 81 cm L x 46 cm W x 118 cm H

First off the size of the Magnolia Mansion is amazing.  It stands taller than my 2.5 year old and it is sturdy.  While it is not solid wood, its composite wood, I still feel it is sturdy and durable enough to last thorough my daughter’s playtimes.  It is definitely better than the cardboard I used to have!

Putting the mansion together took about two hours for my husband, but the directions were pretty clear and self explanatory.  He didn’t have problems with them, there was just a lot of screws that needed to go in.  I love how they painted some screws pink so they don’t show as silver on the dollhouse.

kidkraft dollhouse 1

kidkraft dollhouse 2

kidkraft dollhouse 3

My husband set this up at night and when my daughter it in the morning, her face was priceless!  She could not get down those stairs fast enough.  Since we didn’t have any 12 inch dolls handy at the time, she was grabbing any smaller doll she could find.  She immediately started rearranging all the pieces and was so careful with everything.  Its like she knew it was a nice toy that she should play with nicely.

kidkraft dollhouse 1

The veranda (white piece) easily comes off which my daughter does take it off so she can reach the top floor better:

kidkraft dollhouse 2

kidkraft dollhouse 3

This is my 2.5 year old kneeling by it:

kidkraft dollhouse 4

And here she is standing by it, so you can see the height:

kidkraft dollhouse 5

Since we got it we have added all my old Barbie dolls and some extra furniture to it and it has been a toy she has played with daily.  We have two neighborhood girls that are one and two years old than her and they love coming here and playing with it as well.  All three girls easily can play with the dollhouse at the same time.

From the elevator actually moving up (hand-powered, not batteries) to the few pieces that make noise (toilet and piano) you do get a good amount with this set.  You do not get any dolls but it is designed for any 12 inch doll, basically Barbie doll size.  I would recommend this for any parent (or gift-giver) looking to give a little girl her own dreamhouse, as my daughter calls it.  You just need to add a doll or two and you are good to go!  I definitely see this house lasting many years for us and getting its use of it!

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  1. Every little girl should have a dollhouse. This is a really nice one. Thank you for the review. I have been hearing a lot about this company lately.

    • I agree about every girl owning a dollhouse, even if she has to wait until she has a little girl to buy it for 🙂

  2. Dorothy Teel says:

    Wow this is a beautiful doll house, I think that it is neat that it has an elevator and steps, I remember when my granddaughter was younger she got a doll house that she did not like because it had no steps to get to the second floor and her daddy made her some steps so her doll could get to the second floor… But this one is so neat and colorful, gives me an idea for younger granddaughter. Thank you for sharing your review on this Kid Kraft doll house