9 Free Apps From Amazon Plus You Get 100 Coins Each!

Disclosure:  This post contains my affiliate links.

So everyday Amazon has an App of the Day that is Free through the Amazon Appstore (which yes you can get for Android phones) and I highly recommend checking everyday as there have been some good ones!  Today though Amazon is giving away more than five popular photography apps worth over $20 for free!  Plus customers in the US, UK and Germany get 100 Amazon Coins for each app downloaded!

The Amazon Coins can be used to purchase other apps, and it seems to convert coins to how much the app costs.  So for example, Minecraft is $6.99 or 699 Amazon Coins!  So if you dowload all 9 apps you will get 900 Amazon Coins!  Do it!  Honestly even if you don’t want the apps now, you may later when they are no longer free and you get to keep the Amazon Coins!  When you go to buy an app later it will ask if you want to use your Amazon Coins to pay for it!  So you could get 9 apps later that cost $0.99 for free by using your Amazon Coins!  Super easy and you don’t have to remember or save anything, Amazon will prompt you when you go to make your next app purchase!  I use apps for rewards around here and love that I can get them for free!

So hurry download all 9 of these Free Amazon Apps, who knows maybe you’ll end up liking them if not then delete them – but yes you still keep the Amazon Coins!

Free apps included in the Amazon Appstore Photography bundle include:

  • Rhonna Designs ($1.99)
  • Paper Camera ($1.99)
  • Photo Studio PRO (Kindle Tablet Edition) ($3.99)
  • TouchRetouch ($0.99)
  • Perfectly Clear ($2.99)
  • PicShop – Photo Editor ($2.99)
  • FireFrame – Digital Picture Frame ($0.99)
  • Camera ZOOM FX ($2.99)
  • Perfectly Clear ($2.99)

To download the Amazon Appstore to your Android device go to www.amazon.com/getappstore.

Get Your Free Amazon Apps Here!

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  1. Dorothy Boucher says

    I love the fact that you can use these coins to purchase other apps such as games.

  2. Jennifer says

    That’s a great idea, too bad they don’t do this anymore. It would actually help the app companies to get their product some limelight, because of social media sharing when people like products.

  3. This is really awesome, I wonder if it’s still going on! My son loves MineCraft!

  4. I am going to pursue seeing about Amazon coins. I never heard of it before, but it sounds like a great concept.

  5. What are the Amazon coins for?

  6. Thanks for sharing the list.

  7. I didn’t see these in time but thank you for sharing items like this with us.

  8. jeanne lynn says

    I missed the free apps timeframe but they still look interesting and I may pick up a couple when I go back to check them out later.

  9. Marjorie says

    The apps didn’t come up as free. There was a charge.

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