Now You Can Build & Play With All the Characters From Family Guy With K’NEX #KNEX {Review}

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Family Guy to me is a show that will always make me laugh.  I have watched the show for years and years, and while I don’t let me kids watch it since they are too young still, I don’t mind them playing with the characters.  They of course think the characters are silly, especially Stewie with his football-shaped head.  I love that K’NEX keeps coming out with product lines with favorite characters of today.  From Angry Birds to Kiss to Nascar and Pac-Man, those are just some of the fun products K’NEX offers.

Anyways, back to Family Guy.  The Family Guy K’NEX product line features three sets of the characters in 2-packs and two building sets.  I recevied the characters and the Stewie & Time Machine Building Set to check out.  All fun little pieces to play with and build.

K’NEX Family Guy-Stewie and Time Machine Building Set

knex stewie time machine

This set comes with 146 pieces to build Stewie’s Time Machine as well as a Stewie figure himself.  The instructions are pretty easy to follow, no reading required just pictures to follow along.  It always amazes me how K’NEX pieces can form different buildings and pieces, but they do it and it works.  Like I said, my kids don’t watch Family Guy, but they loved this little Time Machine and the Stewie figure.  They think its cool to have built a time machine, even if it is just pretend.  I will say this set does not hold together too well to play with, we had issues with the door coming off, but maybe that was just our building issues.  Oh and it was kinda weird that the back piece is cardboard and not K’NEX plastic pieces.

knex family guy stewie time machine 1

knex family guy stewie time machine 2

knex family guy stewie time machine 3

K’NEX Family Guy-Stewie and Lois Buildable Figures

knex family guy 1

K’NEX Family Guy-Brian and Meg Buildable Figures

knex family guy 3

K’NEX Family Guy-Peter and Chris Buildable Figures

knex family guy 2

The K’NEX Family Guy Buildable Figures are basic little figures that come apart so you can mix and match or just build them as they should be.  My kids love to mix and match them of course.  The figures measure about 1.5 to 2 inches in size, so they are small but still perfect for building sets.  They are pretty realistic looking as well, which for Family Guy fans, these would be great collectible items!

knex family guy figures 1

Notice anything different?

knex family guy figures 2

Overall, whether you have a Family Guy fan or just a builder looking for a new set to build, these K’NEX sets are fun little sets.

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  1. Family Guy is one of my favorite TV shows. Although I think it’s inappropriate for younger kids. I like that these characters are interchangeable.