Deliciously Sweet & Crunchy Amaize Sweet Corn {Review}

Disclosure:  I received compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Corn is one food that I could eat all the time.  I love it on the cob, out of a can or out of a bag – however it comes I love it.  I never realized before that there are differences in the way corn tastes.  Yes of course you can season it differently but for the most part natural corn all tastes the same to me.  Well that was until I had Amaize Sweet Corn.

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What is Amaize Sweet Corn?

Amaize is a rare breed of non-GMO bred white sweet corn sold for a limited time exclusively in Chicago at Mariano’s.  It is known for its deliciously sweet flavor and crunchy texture.  With it being created using traditional, natural breeding methods through hybridization (basically its never genetically modified), Amaize Sweet Corn is perfectly naturally flavored corn.  Its sweet enough to eat right off the stalk!  Amaize is grown locally using conventional faming methods, which is nice too since so much is made with machines nowadays.

What I really love about it though is the crunchy texture, it makes it perfect for adding to dishes like salads or salsas without having to worry about the corn getting mushy.  Seriously this corn is the perfect amount of crunch.  Too often I opt to not use corn because I know it will get mushy or be too hard, Amaize is amazing!

My husband grilled up some of the Amaize Sweet Corn for us (he had to grill it of course) and my boys ate their cobs before I even picked mine up!  I added no butter or salt either for them and they didn’t ask for it!  Yeah for not having to add anything to make a vegetable taste good!

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Amaize Sweet Corn took 22 years to develop and was amongst well over 10,000 variations that were tested.  After all that research and testing, Amaize Sweet Corn has been perfected.  It has been a hit with my family and we are cherishing each cob we can get now as they are only here for a limited time.

BUY IT:  Look for Amaize Sweet Corn at your local Mariano’s in Chicago as well as a few other states, check here for locations!

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Speak Your Mind



  1. vickie couturier says:

    that looks so good, one of my grandsons could eat his weight in corn on the cob,,he loves it

  2. Birdiebee says:

    Our family loves corn and cook it many ways. I have never heard of the Amaize Sweet Corn before. Is is only sold at certain grocers?

  3. angela smith says:

    never heard of this corn but it sure looks good.probably be good on the grill

  4. saminder gumer says:

    i love corn on the cob. i like to add some lime juice and spices to it to kick it up a notch as well. it is great for grilling.

  5. Amy Orvin says:

    I love corn too. I have never heard of Amaize Sweet Corn before, but it looks delicious! The pictures are very mouth-watering.

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