Celebrating School With a Wonka Peel-a-Pop Ice Cream Party #sponsored

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Ever since I was little I dreamed of visiting the WONKA Factory.  I also thought I’d be like Charlie and be able to resist all the temptation but honestly all that candy just screamed to me to eat it!  While the WONKA candy factory is not a real place, well not with Mr. WONKA himself, I have steal always loved WONKA candy.

When I heard that WONKA, the maker of the world’s most imaginative sweets, launched an ice cream line I was excited to try it out.  What better way to try it out then with an ice cream party!

While we didn’t have time for a huge party like I had hoped for (it rained of course that day), we did have a chance to celebrate the first day of school with some Peel-a-Pop frozen treats.  New Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen treats are available in two flavors: Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape.

wonka peel a pop ice cream

I picked mine up at Walmart and was only to find the Peel-a-Pop Vanilla Grape ones in stop, I’m assuming because they are just too fun looking not to buy them!  Honestly who wouldn’t want to peel their popsicle open like a banana?  Well I did and it was fun!  My kids thought it was so silly and were all on a mission to peel it apart perfectly like a banana.  Can you eat the peel? Heck yeah!  The peel to me is the best part.  Its a chewy grape flavor that I will admit has a weird but good texture to it.  The inside is a regular vanilla popsicle.  For adults that want to indulge in them (again who wouldn’t) they are only 70 calories per pop so pretty guilt-free as well.

wonka ice cream 5

wonka ice cream 1

wonka ice cream 2

wonka ice cream 3
wonka ice cream 4

Oh and I can’t forget some Wonka candy:

wonka ice cream 6

Overall, everyone had a blast at our WONKA ice cream party and it was a great way to kick off our school year here and spread summer out a little bit longer.

FIND IT:  Look for New WONKA frozen treats at your local grocery store!



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  1. Jessica Nirri says:

    They look fun .. But when u first saw them j
    I was skeptical… After reading this I Think I will buy them … Thanks for the review !

  2. These look like they would be fun for the kids. I’d like to try the Vanilla Banana flavor.

  3. Strange looking popsicle. The kids look like they were having a great time.

  4. I love the Wonka banana runts! I wonder if the banana pop would taste like that.

  5. Alison Gibb says:

    I am sure your adorable children would have rather celebrated something other than school but they looked like they had fun. These pops look yummy but also fun! I want to try the vanilla banana!!