How to Find the Google Analytics Info For Specific Blog Posts

google analytics

Okay so lately I have been playing around with Google Analytics and trying to figure everything out.  One thing I found handy was the ability to view the Google Analytics Info for specific blog posts I wrote.

Log into your Google Analytics

On the Left side click on Behavior

  • Click on Site Content
  • Click on Landing Pages

google analytics 2

Now if you don’t want to scroll through all the lists (who has time for that!) you can easily Search for the post!

On the Right Side you’ll see a white box with a magnigying box

  • In that box put the post URL after your blog URL
  • For example for this post:  I would put /2014/09/crazy-adventures-with-a-mouse-and-robot-in-the-ricky-ricotta-book-series-rickyricotta-giveaway-ends-103.html in the search box.

google analytics 1

Yeah!  Now I know that this particular blog post received 136 visits, 35 of which were from new visitors.


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  1. Thanks for the information! Sometimes PR companies want to know that info and I wasn’t quite sure how to obtain it. Now I do!

  2. This is really great information. It must make it easier for you to know what types of posts your readers gravitate towards. Plus I think it’s really neat you can tell it was someone new.