iOS App Review: “Joy Sprouts – Kids Preschool Education (Play, Learn, Develop, Report, Analyse, Guide)”

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I often browse for apps for my kids and honestly it can be overwhelming with the amount of apps available.  I admit I am hesitant to download a game from iTunes if it doesn’t have a rating or reviews yet.  I try to pick apps that are actually going to help my kids and grow with them but that is definitely something that can be hard to do with the overwhelming amount of choices.

Well “Joy Sprouts” is an app I recently came across that has really surprised me.  It is an app designed for kids ages 2 to 6 and it features a little of everything.

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What is so different though about the app is it grows with your child only as you choose.  What I mean by that, is that your kids are not given a million choices in the app but rather after they complete the few activities within the app available to them, then parents can go to a locked section of the app to download more activities for their children.  The app actually suggests what activities your child needs to work on and you just click download from there, you don’t have to go back to the iTunes store or anything to download which is nice.

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The different activities, also called Sprouts, available that your child needs to complete are within the following categories:  Physical, Social, Approaches, Cognition and Language.  Each activity works on a certain area and rates your child, which you can view in the parent center.  Want to know what Sprout (activity) is helping your child? You can click on the bars in the Parent Area and it will tell you what Sprouts they earned the points in.  This is nice because it gives your child a little of everything in terms of help with areas of development.  So for example my son has not completed any Sprouts in the “Physical” category so the app suggested additional Sprouts to download.  Yes they were free by the way!  Have multiple children? Not a problem, they can each have a profile!

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The main screen of Joy Sprouts shows the Sprouts available to your child that they can scroll through as well as three sections:  Star Sprout, In Need and Freshest Sprout. The Star Sprout section is where your child has done well and completed.  In Need is an area they need to work on and Freshest Sprout is something new!  The Sprouts activities even have “With Parent” with some of them to get parents a way to get involved with their child.  For example in the Physical Sprout there is a sports game where it says to get mom or dad.  We played football which is my son’s favorite.  I like that it encourages parents to get involved and it encourages movement!

Oh and there are even characters in the app your child might recognize, like Garfield! Joy Sprouts is an app that my kids actually pick to play, while secretly I’m cheering on the inside because it is also educational!  The best part, the app is free!  You have nothing to loose checking it out!

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BUY IT: You can download “Joy Sprouts” (FREE)

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  1. Donna Jacoby says:

    I like that I can control the apps for my child. Thank you for the giveaway!

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