Renting a Stroller for Disney World {Review}

I received a complimentary rental in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

renting stroller disney world

A few months ago now when we were in Disney World I rented a stroller for the first time at Disney World.  Well not exactly in Disney World but in Orlando actually.  I was hesitant at first at renting a stroller because I have a double stroller I could have brought, and have brought in the past, and I thought it would be too expensive.  This trip though was going to be the first with all three kids which would mean we would need a stroller seat for all three kids.  I didn’t want to have to lug a single stroller and a double stroller so I thought I should look into renting one.

Now yes you can rent strollers directly from Disney World at each park but the problem with that is you have to turn them in when you leave the park, you are not guaranteed a stroller and they are all hard plastic ones.  Plus expensive per day, especially for a double!  I wanted something my kids would feel comfortable in, I would feel comfortable pushing, one I didn’t have to worry about a hundred other people having and mistakenly taking ours and one that I could take from park to park as we park hopped.

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A friend of mine told me about Baby Wheels Orlando and I am glad we went with them.  We had a great experience from drop off through pick up, and best of all was they came right to the Disney resort I was staying at.  (They did have to meet me in the lobby because they are not allowed to leave them with Disney resorts bell hops, this was fine with me.)

baby wheels orlando statement

As far as choosing a stroller to rent, it was super easy to select what I needed from the time frame and particular stroller.  The strollers available are singles and doubles and are popular brand ones.  You can rent them by the day or week or longer and booking it just takes a few clicks of the mouse!  You can even rent a whole Travel System if you have an infant or add a Glider Board for an additional child who may not want to sit in a stroller.  Oh and they will even bring you a case of water if you want to add that, which is a lot cheaper than buying individual bottles of water!

This helps you get an idea of costs and weight/height limits:

baby wheels orlando renting 1

This is a current example of what renting is like:

baby wheels orlando renting 2

Why Choose Baby Wheels Orlando?

  • Great customer service.  The gentleman that dropped off my stroller and picked it up was polite and professional.  He answered all my questions and demonstrated the stroller to me so I knew how to work it!
  • All of their strollers have an easy fold mechanism.  This is especially important since we were going to be carrying this stroller on the Disney buses frequently.
  • The strollers offered as less bulky when folded than most other strollers, again important for taking on Disney buses.
  • The strollers are cleaned and maintained after each guest so they are in good order when delivered to the next guest.  It was so nice to get a clean stroller to use rather than the yucky one I had at home!
  • The strollers available can accommodate bigger kids, whereas I read that the strollers available at Disney World are geared towards younger kids around 3-4 years old.  Our stroller was able to accommodate my 6 and 7-year-old
  • They deliver the stroller to you and pick it up when you want them to (of course depending on availability).  This was nice as I didn’t have to wait in line to return it or go somewhere special, they met me in the resort lobby.

baby wheels orlando rental 5

baby wheels orlando rental 6

baby wheels orlando rental 7

There is our name and a little cooler!  Oh and rain gear too for the stroller, which we kept underneath:

baby wheels orlando rental 8

A nice card is included with directions and tips:

baby wheels orlando rental 9

Overall we had a great experience with Baby Wheels Orlando and I would definitely recommend them.  It was so much easier than dragging my own double stroller there and their strollers are built for use and a lot more durable than the one I have at home anyways.  I was leery about leaving it while we went on rides as the strollers are expensive, but our name was clearly marked on it and we, fortunately, didn’t have a problem.  Oh and if you’re on the fence about getting a stroller for your child, get one for them!  Honestly my 7 year old (who is on the smaller side) is lazy and rather than listening to him whine or pout, letting him sit in the stroller was a lot easier especially since we had very long days at the parks.  Heck, I wish I could be pushed around in a stroller!

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  1. What a great find for renting strollers. Not having to wait in line or being without one is a big plus.

  2. I missed this when we were there! I didn’t need one for a baby, but for kids like in the above picture. I know that no matter how much fun they are having – kids always get tired & want to be held!! Well that’s no fun for us parents either! I totally think renting a stroller, wagon, cart, whatever, is worth it!! Good review – Good to know!

  3. lana simanovicki says

    these look really comfy

  4. Sandi Tymchuk says

    A very helpful post!

  5. That is great you can rent strollers there. I think I would need one for me more than the kids, lol.

  6. When and if we ever get there I’m going to get one from Baby Wheels Orlando . Nice to know about it ahead of time ! Thank you !!

  7. I was surprised to know there was an outside of theme park rentals. What a huge need though. Great business. Convenient for customers.

  8. Linda Manns says

    This sounds like the perfect thing to do. The next time we go to Orlando I will check them out. I have rented a stroller at Disney in the past but this sounds so much nicer. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. I will have to keep this in mind! We want to take my grandsons to Disney World, and I need all the tips I can get!

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