Fuhu Nabi DreamTab, the First Tablet for Kids {Review}

Disclosure:  I received this product to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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What do you get when you partner Intel and DreamWorks?  The Fuhu Nabi DreamTab is the first tablet designed exclusively for kids!  Okay so yeah there are a million tablets out there now for kids and we have a few of them but what makes the Fuhu Nabi DreamTab different is the DreamWorks and Intel partnership.  By having that partnership kids get the creativity programs they need, Intel speed and durability of kids tablet.

Really there are so many things I love about the Fuhu Nabi DreamTab, that’s if I even get a chance to use it since my kids are always on it!

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Features of the Fuhu Nabi DreamTab:

  • First tablet-based adaptive learning system built for skill set mastering in math, reading and writing and confidence building.
  • Dream Pro Studio is a suite of apps that teach kids how to draw, animate, author their own books and edit movies like a pro!
  • nabi Konnect is a network deisgned just for kids, which has received TRUSTe certification for COPPA compliance and is parent approved.
  • nabi Utilities is a suite of apps that teaches kids to read time, understand weather and even manage a calendar.
  • Dual Modes – nabi Mode is a safe kids mode but then you can switch it over to Parent Mode which is the standard Android OS.
  • Time Control is a parental control app that parents can set limits for daily tablet use, individiiual app use and even create rules for earning extra time.
  • nabi Coins & Treasure Box – Parents can reward kids with nabi Coins and let them purchase their own movies, music, games and apps in an app store designed just for them.
  • Chore List – Parents can assign chores by creating them or selecting from a list and then reward kids with the nabi Coins.
  • The tablet uses the Google Play store for apps – this is nice if your family already uses the Google Play store and has bought apps from it which you can then add to this tablet.
  • Parents can use an app on their smartphone called Nabigator which allows them to purchase nabi Coins, manage Time Controls and communicate with them!

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nabi 1

I admit I have barely scratched the surface on the nabi DreamTab as there seriously are a lot of amazing features on it.  Just by reading the nabi DreamTab page I learned so much and was so excited to try out.  For example, I had no clue about the Nabigator app that I could manage their tablet from my phone! That is a huge bonus for me as I like that I could control their tablet with a few keystrokes from my phone rather than wrestling the tablet from them or being the bad guy and saying “no.”  I like that I can reward my kids with nabi Coins because they are constantly asking me to buy them an app but with this system I can teach them responsibility for earning them and spending them wisely. Oh and its super cool that I could chat with my son via the nabi Instant Message, which I have to approve any friends.

nabi dreamtab 18

My phone is not able to be used with the nabi so I just do stuff via the website or Mommy Mode on the tablet.


The size and durability of the tablet also stuck out to me.  The tablet is 8 inches which is a very good size for a kids tablet and it comes with a bright red bumper to keep it protected.  I like that it comes with a protective case as so many tablets don’t and they are costly to buy separately.  Plus then there is no time the tablet is without a case!


With the tablet you also get a nabi Dream Pen.  This is a good sized stylus that is sits in the back of the tablet for easy access.  A stylus is a must for this tablet, especially with all the drawing apps.  My son is not used to a stylus but now he uses it all the time!

nabi drawing

Honestly I love this tablet and I just keep finding more and more on it that I love.  So far we have the tablet as is but there is so much room for improvement and add ons.  Once I do add on games though I will definitely be taking advantage of Time Controls though. Time Controls allows you to set limits on the device itself as well as individual apps, very cool!

nabi dreamtab 16

 You can even set Sleep Time to prevent the nabi from being used:

nabi dreamtab 15

All of my kids love it, even my 3 year old:

nabi dreamtab 3
nabi dreamtab 4

You can switch profiles for your kids so they each have their own levels and apps saved:

nabi dreamtab 5

Wings Challenge is an app where kids can work on a reading and writing in a fun way, my sons actually ask to do it!  They even earn coins that they can use for apps and movies, which of course you approve:

nabi dreamtab 6

Dream Pro Studio is what really makes the Dreamtab stand out, it is a collection of apps for kids to learn animation and movies.  My 8 year old picked it up and made a movie that was pretty awesome in a manner of no time!  He was amazed that he created it and it gave him something else to think about as far as things he likes:

nabi dreamtab 7

Here is another screen of apps available:

nabi dreamtab 8

And games of course:

nabi dreamtab 9

Here is where you switch to Mommy Mode:

nabi dreamtab 10

And the Parent Mode screen:

nabi dreamtab 11

You can choose which apps you add to their nabi profile:

nabi dreamtab 12

Yeah for the Google Play store:

nabi dreamtab 14

Chore List available and you can add nabi coins to reward your kids:

nabi dreamtab 17

 There are all the Google apps available via Mommy Mode:

nabi dreamtab 19

And here is a video I made that shows the nabi Dreamtab in action:

BUY IT:  The nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet can be purchased direct from the nabi Shop for $199.99.

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  1. I think it’s really cool that kids can have easy access to their Chore List.

  2. This child’s tablet looks so cool, I think every kid should get one. I give this a thumbs up for parents and the kids.

  3. lana simanovicki says:

    this is amazing all the things this has im gonna check this out for my son

  4. I am amazed at the number of features on this tablet. I could see my grandkids making frequent use of this. I think they are far ahead of me in technology use so they would know how to use it much quicker than me.

  5. Our 2 younger granddaughters are asking for this product for their birthdays which are 4 days apart so their moms are going to have their parties together. These are really cute. According to the review, they would have fun learning & I like the fact that you can monitor how long they are on them! I see too many kids with their faces all the time in their phones or electrical devices instead of going outside and playing! But it looks like we would be paying over $400 for both of them. I hate to disappoint them! Maybe I’ll go on one of those comparison websites to see if I can purchase them cheaper. Thanks for letting me some info on them. I didn’t even know what this was 🙂

  6. That looks like a nice tablet. I wish I could get one for all my grand kids.

  7. susan king says:

    We bought these for our grandkids and they loved them ! I think it taught them the basics of using a tablet and they got to do cool stuff like Mom and Dad. Two years later we bought them Kindles and they are really good with them. Had it not been for the Nabi 1st I think it would have taken longer.

  8. I like the flexibility of the nabi. I especially like that parents can control how much time their child can use it, including adding or subtracting time. And of course I like the chore chart that parents can use for their children to do the tasks assigned to them.

  9. My daughter doesn’t have this particular tablet, but this sounds like such a fun tablet for kids! It’s great that it has a mommy mode too!

  10. Cami Valenzuela says:

    We have these for our boys now I highly recommende them! We had another tablet before and barely lasted 6 months is one is going on a year!