Recipe: All Natural Grape Popsicles

All Natural Grape Popsicles collage

(Yields about 5 pops)


  • 3 cup Fresh Grapes
  • 2 tsp Sugar (optional)

All Natural Grape Popsicles 1


  • Puree grapes in food processor until liquified.
  • Strain through sieve pressing to get as much juice as possible.
  • You can optionally add sugar if extra sweetness is desired.

If you are using a Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker:

  • Place stick in position.
  • Pour juice in maker up to fill line.
  • Wait 10 minutes or until frozen.
  • Use tool to remove pop and place in freezer.

If you are not using a Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker:

  • Pour juice in popsicle molds or small paper cups.
  • Place in freezer for 10-15 minutes or until mixture begins to firm.
  • Insert sticks and return to freezer for several hours.
  • Use hot water to release from molds.

All Natural Grape Popsicles 2

All Natural Grape Popsicles 3

All Natural Grape Popsicles 4

All Natural Grape Popsicles 6

All Natural Grape Popsicles 7

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  1. I would love to try these rape Popsicles because the are all natural.

  2. This recipe sounds healthy & good, but I don’t have a food processor (I wished I did)!

  3. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    The grape Popsicle sounds great and I plan to try it out on my grandkids.

  4. My granddaughter doesn’t like grapes, but I bet she would eat these!

  5. The wild grapes in back of my house are ripe now and this would be a good way to use them. They’re delicious, but their skin is too tough for eating out of hand.

  6. Thanks! I was looking for something my sister can easy make!

  7. These look great. We used to do something similar with yogurt when I was a kid.

  8. Marilyn Legault says:

    What a great idea for a healthy snack for the kids.

  9. Carol Burgess says:

    This is something that my toddlers would definitely like. Love your blog. So informative

  10. I don’t have a Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker, but I am pinning this recipe. I will figure out something. They are all natural & healthy. I would like to eat these on a hot summer day.

  11. I like this recipe so much. with 2 tsp of sugar for 5 popsicles, it’s so much healthier than buying them in the store. And I’ll be they taste better too.

  12. John Thuku says:

    I love grapes. Making them into grape popsicles sounds yummy. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  13. Diane Mania says:

    This is something my grandson will love.

  14. Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74) says:

    These look delicious! I am definitely going to make these this weekend! It is humid here in Michigan!

  15. denise low says:

    Thank you for the recipe. This would be great in hot weather

  16. June S. says:

    (Recipe: All Natural Grape Popsicles) What a good recipe for making some yummy popsicles for some summer fun.

  17. This looks so much better and healthier than the ones in the store. Waiting for a nice warm day to try the recipe.

  18. John Herman says:

    I love grape juice – these would be great.

  19. Joy McFalls says:

    these are awesome and definitly will try and make these. my daughter will love these!

  20. Paol Trenny says:

    OMG, two ingredients …so easy. I am testing this recipe next Saturday when my youngest daughter has her 1st slumber party.

  21. Carrie Demas says:

    Oh yummo, I am definitely going to try these. My kids would have so much fun making these with me on a hot, hot summer day here in AZ!! Thanks for posting!! I’m pinning for later!! 🙂 ~ Carrie Demas

  22. Diane Mania says:

    I wiil have to try this

  23. Yummy! Perfect for spring/ summer. 🙂

  24. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    These sound so good! I’ve already pinned it. Thanks for the recipe!

  25. These look amazing and a recipe the whole family will enjoy thanks for sharing we love all natural.

  26. rochelle haynes says:

    This sounds good like to try this

  27. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Looks so refreshing! Thank you for the recipe idea!

  28. Ty this will be very healthy for the kids.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    These Grape Popsicles look so delicious & healthy! Thanks for sharing…I love that very little, if any sugar is necessary!

  30. John Herman says:

    I think that recipe is great – I may have to give this ago!

  31. Kelly Nicholson says:

    i can do without the sugar…this works for the upcoming summer baby!

  32. Linda Manns says:

    These look and sound so good. A healthy treat for the family. Thank you for sharing this

  33. Sandra Watts says:

    That would be a nice activity and treat for the kids to help with and healthy too.

  34. Kim Hampton says:

    These look really good! Think I’ll try them for my daughter.

  35. Looks tasty! Going to try this summer!

  36. lana simanovicki says:

    we have grapes in our back yard now I know what to do with them thanks for this recipe

  37. vickie couturier says:

    that looks so good,my grandkids would love this

  38. These look like delicious popsicles, thanks for the idea.

  39. I gave away my popsicle molds and have been sorry since. I need to get more as I want to make these – yum!!!

  40. David Holder says:

    Looks yummy and so easy to make!

  41. Julie Wood says:

    These look so healthy and I will have to make these All natural Grape Popsicles! What an easy recipe.

  42. angela smith says:

    these look easy to make.and they look really yummy.i’ll have to try them this summer

  43. This looks so good, I’m sure my kids would love these.

  44. rebeka deleon says:

    I have always wanted to make my own fruit pops for the kids and such a great healthy idea for the summer.

  45. Maryann D. says:

    This is a super recipe and a great idea. I do need cool foods in the summer and this is healthy and delicious to try.

  46. Betsy Barnes says:

    This is a great recipe, fast and easy! I am going to make these this summer, nothing like fresh fruit popsicles! 🙂

  47. Janet W. says:

    Those look delicious!! I’m so happy the weather is getting warmer. I love to eat popsicles!

  48. Pretty soon it will be warm enough to want popsicles and these will be great.

  49. Dianna Thomas Davis says:

    I can do this–Yes something easy. Thanks so much — great idea. I need a little help and that is where your blog comes up with creative ideas for me.