DVD “Dora the Explorer: Whirl & Twirl Collection”

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Dora the Explorer Whirl & Twirl Collection

Dora the Explorer: Whirl & Twirl Collection

Released:  June 2, 2015

Studio:  Nickelodeon

Join Dora as she prepares for a big gymnastics performance and dance recital in Dora the Explorer: Whirl and Twirl Collection. The two-disc set includes the fun-filled “Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure” and “Dora’s Ballet Adventure.”

DISC 1 –
Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure – It’s time for a fantastic gymnastics adventure with Dora! Dora receives a special rainbow ribbon and learns that she is going to start the big gymnastics show. When Swiper swipes her special ribbon, Dora and Boots go on a gymnastics-filled adventure to get it back.

Episodes Include:

  • Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure
  • A Ribbon for Pinto
  • Swiper’s Favorite Things

DISC 2 –
Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Ballet Adventures – Dora can’t wait to perform in her big dance recital, but she needs to move and groove back to her dance school to find her ballet slippers first.

Episodes Included:

  • Dora’s Ballet Adventure
  • Dora, La Músico
  • The Super Silly Fiesta
  • Surprise

This is a 2-disc Dora DVD Gift Set perfect for any Dora fan. It features two Dora DVDs: Dora’s Ballet Adventure and Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure. So if your child already has those titles this would be a duplicate, if not this set features lots of Dora fun.  There are seven episodes and the discs running over two hours. Lots of Dora fun of dancing and sports – activities that might encourage your kids to move!

BUY IT:  You can buy “Dora the Explorer: Whirl & Twirl Collection” on DVD on Amazon for $12.84 currently or wherever DVDs are sold.

WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive the DVD “Dora the Explorer: Whirl & Twirl Collection”

Dora the Explorer Whirl & Twirl Collection

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  1. I would like to win this for my niece, because she loves this stuff. She would think I am so cool if I could win.

  2. Lily Kwan says:

    Boots is my favorite character.

  3. My great nieces are huge fans of Dora.

  4. brittany says:

    My daughter loves dora. she had a dora party last year and her rm is done in dora right now. She actually gave me the nickname dora.

  5. e michelle says:

    i love dora! so do my girls! i have been on a mission to buy more things for thier dora house cant find the toys anywhere

  6. Leah Shumack says:

    Lots of Dora in the house!

  7. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    My Grand kids love Dora… they always get so excited to watch her.

  8. Our family loves Dora.

  9. Loved seeing her at universal

  10. Philip Lawrence says:

    Anything Dora related is great for kids!

  11. Shari Klyn says:

    My beautiful niece Susie loves Dora the Explorer. I checked and she doesn’t have this video so I would love to win it for her and become the best aunt in the world.

  12. Jennifer Boyte says:

    So much fun!

  13. Trisha W. says:

    We still have a little stuffed Boots coin purse from when my Sophomore daughter or 8th grade son were small.

  14. Stephanie Vose says:

    My daughter is a Dora Fanatic!

  15. Debra Keller says:

    My little cousin loves Dora and she would love to have this DVD set.

  16. tonya dreese says:

    I love Dora and Boots.

  17. Erica B. says:

    I like Boots.

  18. Rebecca Peters says:

    My daughter loves dora

  19. Lisa V. says:

    I think Dora is a great educational program.

  20. Jenny Q. says:

    Dora is a cute show for kids.

  21. I am concerned that Donald Trump does not approve of Dora the Explorer.

  22. Natalie says:

    My kids love Dora and would love this Dora DVD. They would really enjoy it.

  23. LeAnn H says:

    My granddaughter loves dora and a dora birthday party this year

  24. jennifer says:

    my daughter got really mad the other day that dora didnt answer her correctly and started arguing with dora on the tv lol.

  25. Ashley Nolan says:

    My daughter loves Dora she watches her show all the time!

  26. eguiver yol says:

    My daughter loves to watch dora

  27. denise a says:

    The kids at school love Dora

  28. Linda G. says:

    My little niece has everything Dora, she loves Dora!

  29. kristy thiel says:

    My daughter LOVES Dora! Thanks for hosting!

  30. Katiria says:

    I love that Dora is in that Geico Commercial about the explorers to the south pole. Its so funny!

  31. Daniel M says:

    my niece loves dora!

  32. denise low says:

    My granddaughter would love to have this DVD. She loves Dora

  33. kim miller says:

    I like how she is bilingual.

  34. Angela W says:

    We love Dora!

  35. xty cruz says:

    My nieces favorite is Dora

  36. Sharon Kaminski says:

    Our granddaughter loves Dora the Explorer.

  37. Marty C. says:

    Dora es chida.

  38. Vicki Wurgler says:

    my granddaughter had a Dora themed birthday party

  39. Cindy Ray says:

    My daughter loves everything Dora!!! She would love to win this dvd!!

  40. abedabun dawn says:

    My grand daughter loves, loves, loves Dora!

  41. abedabun dawn says:

    My grand daughter loves, loves, loves Dora! She has Dora pj’s, shirts and toys.

  42. Emily R. says:

    My kids loved Dora when they were younger! I’d give this to my little nephew & niece if I won 🙂

  43. My niece would love this, she loves Dora!

  44. Kristen says:

    I just discovered that my friend’s 3 yr old daughter loves Dora!

  45. Terra Heck says:

    My niece is a big fan of Dora and I think she’d really enjoy watching this. Thanks.

  46. courtney b says:

    my daughter is obsessed with dora.

    everything is DORA DORA DORA! !

    aggh I can’t take it.

  47. Allison Swain says:

    We love Dora. I love that the kids can learn some Spanish language while watching a show they love.

    Thanks for the chance to win this 🙂

  48. rosemary says:


  49. Em Mahr says:

    My little one, Olivia, loves Dora! I like that she learns a little Spanish while watching

  50. My grandson watches Dora and loves her and Diego. I can honestly say this is one children’s show I really like too.

  51. Rebecca Orr says:

    I watched Dora with children that I babysat as a teen. Now my daughter (and her brothers!) watch it. Boots is my daughters favorite character.

  52. Paol Trenny says:

    My girls grew up watching Dora Dora. They loved the fact that she reminds them of them. A bi-lingual person, but in our case, they are quad-lingual.

  53. Brittney House says:

    I like how the show helps you learn Spanish words as well.

  54. bill norris says:

    my niece loves her

  55. Daniel Thornton says:

    I have not seen dora but, I would like to

  56. My girls would love this.

  57. Carrie Edmunds says:

    I would love to win this for my niece, she loves Dora.

  58. Darlene Sullins says:

    My daughters love watching Dora!

  59. Adrienne Gordon says:

    That girl is always exploring.

  60. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    My youngest grandchildren are big Dora fans. I would love to win this.

  61. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    my lil girl loves boots

  62. swiper no swiping

  63. Bernie W says:

    My family loves Dora. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  64. dora is so cute and so is swiper. thanks

  65. Nannypanpan says:

    My daughters love boots

  66. Patricia says:

    I have Dora fan in my house that would love this.

  67. I think Dora is really cute. Boots is my favorite character

  68. vickie couturier says:

    all my grandchildren loves dora both the boys and the girls

  69. James Robert says:

    My kids loved Dora and learned a lot of different words in Spanish. I hope to win for my cousin’s little girl so she can enjoy too.

  70. Deborah W. says:

    My granddaughter loves Dora the Explorer. I have bought her many toys and she watches the cartoons at our house some times.

  71. mycraftingworld says:

    My grandkids LOVE Dora and anything Dora. They are such girly girls.

  72. Stacey Geeters says:

    Iris loves Dora, Mommy loves Swiper.

  73. June S. says:

    I know a little girl that loves Dora and all her friends on the show too.

  74. This looks like a cute and sweet Dora DVD!

  75. Jan Lee says:

    Oh my gosh, my great niece has always loved Dora. She walks around the house with a backpack on and says she is Dora, lol She makes her little brother act like he is Boots, hahaha

  76. My little niece is a dora nut she loves her

  77. Dora is a fave in our household.

  78. jessica z says:

    Dora is a great way for the kids to learn some Spanish!

  79. Lisa Williams says:

    My kids love Dora the Explorer,they are always saying “Swiper no swiping!”