How My Samsung Note 4 Has Changed My Everyday Tasks {Review}

Disclosure:  I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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I remember my first cell phone being this big bulky phone that I couldn’t wait to get rid of. I wanted a smaller phone and for years I had one. Then last year I got the Samsung Note 3 in my hands and I couldn’t believe how I ever used a smaller phone.  Yes the Note 3 is big but seriously once you go big its hard to go small again.  So of course for my next phone I was so excited to get the Samsung Note 4.

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Let me say I absolutely love my Note 4, it is a beast.  It is a phone that I can do so much on which is especially important since I am on the go a lot with my three kids.  My Note 4 is like a mini tablet to me that I can do work from, take pictures with and make phones on!  Oh and yes it does fit in the pocket of my jeans, which a lot of people ask me first.

Features I love:

5.7 inch screen with more pixels per inch than any other display they have made – the screen size is perfect and its display is amazing.

S Pen included – this is a lifesaver for notes and editing.  Sometimes I like to just write rather than type and the S Pen can be a lot easier and quicker for me.  Its basically like a mouse for your phone and you can use it to highlight, cut, copy/paste or just doodle.

Amazing camera and bigger screen means bigger angle for pictures.  It has a wide-angle 3.7MP front-facing camera so you can take crisper selfies or groupies.  It has a 16MP rear camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization – which is better than a lot of regular cameras!  I love that I can take great pictures wherever I go whether I have my phone or camera.

Adaptive Fast Charging which makes my battery go from zero to fifty percent in about 30 minutes!  As someone constantly on the go I need fast charging since I don’t have a lot of time to sit waiting for my phone to charge.

Ultra Power Saving Mode extends my battery which is great for when I do forget to charge it or I’m without a charger.  This puts it in a special mode which limits what you can do but you can still make and receive calls and texts for up to 24 hours even at 10%!

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Multi Window mode lets me open more than one app on the screen at once!  Perfect for a multi-tasking mom like me!  Below is a screenshot of a text message with my husband where I pulled up some dinner choices in the area while chatting with him!  The possibilities are endless though you can split screen almost anything!

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Customizable start screen.  Okay most phones have a customizable screen but what I love about my Note 3 is that on my lock screen I can see the temperature and amount of steps I have walked.  The steps aren’t always accurate for me since I tend to leave my phone on my desk rather than carrying it around with me.

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Websites are easy to view and share:

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S Heath which has lots of features built into it such as a pedometer, heart rate, oxygen saturation in your blood (there is a spot on the back of the phone you touch), UV ray tester, and more! It is amazing how much is packed into the app!  I mean really a sensor on the back that you touch, no doctors or additional devices to attach.  Now yes this may not be 100% accurate and its not a doctor, but for me its a start.

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Usage Manager makes it easy to check your battery, apps and data usage. This is great to see what might be eating away at your battery or your data!

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Fun picture editor!  I am no artist but this makes it easy and fun to edit pictures.  My kids especially love playing with this, but yes I do it too!  Below is a before and after picture of my editing it.

Overall, I have been using my Samsung Note 4 for a few months now but I still find new uses for it and ways to make my everyday tasks easier. There is so much packed into this phone and I honestly cannot think of anything I’d add.  With the Google Play and Amazon store, I have millions of apps at my fingertips and more are added constantly. It is amazing how one device can make such a difference and my Note 4 really has.  I cannot say enough good things about the Samsung Note 4. It is a beast of a phone with so much on it that I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface on it.

BUY IT:  You can check out the Samsung Note 4 direct from Samsung or look for it at your local cell phone or electronics store.

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  1. I love Samsung very much, I think they have always made a high quality product.

  2. The samsung note sounds like a great product!

  3. Ashley Malinger says:

    totally looking to get rid of my iphone and this would be a great alternative!

  4. Nicole Dziedzic says:

    I would love to get a new phone that is better for picture taking, like this one. Awesome features! So much you can do on this, perfect for a business phone.

  5. mycraftingworld says:

    Great review with good pictures. I like the stress level button. I will consider this one when I get my next phone.

  6. Kim Hampton says:

    I NEED one of these!