Summer Fun with the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector

Disclosure:  I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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My family loves movies but with five of us we don’t go out to movie theaters often. So what is a family to do? We create our own movie fun at home with help from Epson projectors!  Just last year we remodeled our basement and were able to get a big fancy Epson projector at a great deal. My husband built a screen and voilah we had our own movie theater! The Epson projector we have in our basement though is big and not really portable, plus it was expensive so I wouldn’t really want to move it around.  Living in Chicagoland we need to take advantage of all the nice days we have though so I wanted a way to be able to watch movies outside, without moving our more expensive projector from the basement.

Luckily Epson makes a variety of projectors for whatever your need is whether it be more affordable, more features or a higher quality. Don’t get me wrong the expensive Epson projector we have is definitely comparable to the new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 600 Projector I just received.  Yep we have two projectors now and my family is so excited for summer movies outside. The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 600 Projector is the perfect projector for a family to create their own home theater in their house or be able to project movies wherever and whenever!

PowerLite Home Cinema 600 3LCD Projector


  • 3X Brighter Colors than competitive models
  • All-digital HDMI connectivity
  • Projects images  up to 300″ – 25 times the size of a 60″ flat panel
  • Built-in speaker – yep it has a speaker on it that is quite decent!
  • Intuitive adjustments for easy setup to a laptop, Blu-ray player and game consoles
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy Image Alignment – adjusts vertically and horizontally to get the perfect image.  You can also place the projector off to the side rather than right in front of it if you need to!

This projector is seriously amazing. Right out of the box, it is ready to go! All I had to do was plug it in to the wall outlet, put the batteries (included) in the remote and use a cord (not included) to run the projector to a streaming device (such as a laptop, tablet or phone.) I had picked up a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable cord on hand that I used to run one of my tablets to the projector. You do have a variety of options as there are lots of ports in the back.  I had tried to run my phone to it via the USB cord I’d normally charge it with, but that didn’t work, I think it needs a special connector to do it.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 11

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 12

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 13

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 14

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 15

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 16

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 17

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 18

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector 19

Once I hooked the cord in, my tablet’s home screen popped up on the wall! I pulled up Netflix and we were ready to watch a movie!  I tried it first inside on our family room wall upstairs and my kids were so excited to watch a movie on the wall, especially since my husband was watching sports on our big screen in the basement.

I propped the projector on a box and you can see it was just two cords – one to the wall and one to my tablet:

epson homecinema projector 3

epson homecinema projector 2

This is on our living room wall:

epson homecinema projector 1

To start off our summer movie fun, I set up the projector on a chair in our driveway and aimed it at our white garage door. It doesn’t get dark-dark until after 8 PM now and with impatient kids we started early.  The movie came out pretty awesome even though there was some light.

epson homecinema projector 4

epson homecinema projector 5

I already have plans to bring this to my parents house to project in their backyard so we can watch movies from my mom’s pool!  We plan on projecting it too on the back of our house next time we have a s’mores night with our neighbors!  Seriously so excited to have movie fun outside this summer with the help from our new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Projector.  Oh and the best part is the projector runs around $360 which will pay for itself with all the movies your family can enjoy and the memories you’ll be creating.

I had always thought projectors created lousy screen projections and were out of our budget but Epson has blown me away. I cannot say enough good things about our new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema projector.  The only features I wish this projector had were a carrying handle to easily lift it room to room.  There are accessories of course I’d like such as a transport bag and bluetooth connectivity but I understand that for the price they are extra. If you have a wall you can project a movie on, I highly recommend getting one of these even if it is just to project an image on a garage or outside wall for summer movies!

BUY IT: Check out the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 600 projector direct from the Epson website or find the PowerLite Home Cinema 600 on Amazon.

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  1. Dianne Barnes says:

    What a fantastic idea. Show your move inside or outside. This is a gift the whole family would enjoy!

  2. Watching a movie on the garage door is awesome! I wouldn’t have thought of that. It would be fun to have a bonfire, have smores, and watch a movie!!!

  3. Jeani b says:

    we had a projector when they first came out for homes. we loved it! it was such a treat. back then, you needed to project it onto a screen or it just wasn’t clear enough and you had to have it in a dark room. the tech has come so far now. i agree, this projector should have a handle. that would make it much easier for using in a variety of settings. how fun for sleepovers and lazy summer nights!

  4. Thanks for this great review, I was looking for some details on a projector to make a decision on which one to buy. This makes it easier.

  5. Sarah L says:

    That’s a fun gadget. Looks like it projects well.

  6. Richard Hicks says:

    Always wanted one of these. Great for family get togethers

  7. vickie couturier says:

    what fun that would be to have when you need it,,i have 13 grandchildren so all them cramped in a small room to watch a program isnt happening but this would be good to put anywhere