Staying Safe & Sharing Your Location via Social Media

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Did you ever want to send someone your exact location right from your phone? Maybe it was for a safety reason or just so someone can easily meet up with you. Well now there is a new app whose sole purpose is to send a link of your location (via Google Maps) to anyone on social media, email, or SMS (messaging.)  I don’t have an iPhone (which this app is only for iOS currently) but was able to try it out on my iPad.

I blocked out my towns and street:

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For a safety feature, the app has an emergency function which lets you save 1-3 phone numbers in advance and when you press a button on the app it will send a text message to those particular phone numbers. The message will ask for help as well as send a link to your exact location.

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You input up to three contacts:

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While Coordy only has just a few features I can really see it being beneficial. As a parent there are so many reasons I can appreciate this app.

Great reasons for this app:

  • Parents can ask for a message from this app to see (check) exactly where their kids are
  • Friends and family can receive a message to find where a party is via Google Maps
  • You have an emergency situation where you can’t talk or type out a whole message of what is wrong and where you are

What is a time you think Coordy could be beneficial for you?

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  1. I like this Coordy software app. It sounds as if it would make it safer to be out and have your phone a tool for your safety.