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Disclosure:  I am a Fox Home Ent Insider and will receive these DVDs to review in exchange for sharing this information.

kid road trip

This is from our first road trip with my boys.

My kids have spent a lot of their lives in the car and we have become quite the experts at road trips. When they were younger I used to trek with them once a week (at least) an hour to my mom’s and that was just one of our weekly adventures.  With two active little boys at the time I had to keep busy with them so we trekked all over to visit family, museums, various play places and nearby states for weekend trips.  We have even driven to Florida three times with them which is a 17 hour straight drive.

Honestly I don’t know how we would survive without electronic devices. My parents drove us all around when I was younger and I probably just had a coloring book and dolls. Nowadays kids are spoiled with the availability of electronic devices but honestly I am grateful for them.

Here are some of our road trip essentials:

Electronic device – A tablet is preferred for us but we have also used those little kid learning systems. Before we head out I make sure our tablet is charged, updated and add some new games. I also add new movies to our tablet to surprise our kids and keep them entertained.

Books – If its a longer road trip I try to get books on where we are going for my kids to browse

Notebook and pen – I try to have my kids journal for longer trips and for shorter trips my kids like to doodle or play quick games of tic tac toe

Snacks – I actually keep a big bag of snacks in my car at all times because one of us is always hungry. My kids like crackers, beef sticks, fruit snacks, fresh fruit if possible and chips. They may not be the healthiest of snacks but I do look for ones packed with protein and and less artificial stuff.

Wet wipes – Even though my youngest is potty trained, I could not imagine not having wet wipes on me.  As an adult I sometimes just want to wipe down my hands and my boys definitely need their hands (and faces) wiped down constantly. For the car these are great to clean up messes and even just freshen up.

Water and flavorings – I try to pack a few bottles of water when we head out even for short trips. By flavorings I mean those little squirt bottles of flavors like Lemonade and Fruit Punch, it is a cheap and easy way to flavor a drink for my kids without all the sugar and stickiness.

To prepare for our 4th of July road trip fun I was excited to get a Home road trip pack. The pack features some fun items that not only got my kids excited about the new movie Home that is coming out on DVD but also hopefully make our road trip go smoothly.

home movie prize pack

Water bottles, earbuds, a tablet, stress guy for me to squeeze and more!

As I mentioned earlier the #1 item on my essential list for road trip fun is a tablet. We are grateful to have tablets and my kids were so excited to check out the new iPad Air that was part of our Home road trip pack.
home movie ipad 2

How are we planning to watch Home when it doesn’t even come out on Blu-ray/DVD until July 28th?

home movie poster

Well Fox makes it convenient for movie lovers to get early access to new movies in high definition that can be viewed across electronic devices anytime and anywhere!

fox redeem movie options

I was sent a digital code from Fox to redeem the new Home movie so my kids could watch it in the car while we road trip. I love the benefit of not only be able to get the movie before it hits the shelves but also the ability to watch it in the car!

fox redeem

All you have to do is purchase the movie and download it to your device. Once downloaded you can watch the movie in the car or wherever, no Wi-Fi required! This is a must because sometimes you have stuff in the “cloud” but you need the internet to access it, so do make sure you download the movie before you get in the car!

home movie ipad 1

Now hopefully mother nature stays in a good mood and we have a reason to head out this holiday weekend!

Visit here to purchase Home on Digital HD for your early access before the Blu-ray release.


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