Checking Out LeapFrog’s All-New LeapPad Platinum & Imagicard

Disclosure:  I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


My kids have grown up using LeapFrog LeapPads and even though my oldest is 8 years old, I still see him sneaking away with it. My youngest daughter who is 3 years old has grown so much using her brother’s LeapPads. What is great about LeapFrog is they are continuously improving upon their products but not making them so old products are obsolete. The newest LeapFrog tablet is called the LeapPad Platinum. It is the biggest learning experience yet packed into a LeapPad.

LeapPad Platinum

Features of the LeapPad Platinum:

  • Worry-free durability – This is the toughest LeapPad as it has a shatter-safe and shock-absorbing screen, wrap around bumper and reinforced body that has been drop-tested
  • Kid-safe content – only prescreened and kid-appropriate web content and videos
  • Parental Tools – parents manage the Wi-Fi settings, app purchases, screen time and more by inputting a four digit security password
  • Social capabilities  – kids can play safely with nearby friends on compatible LeapPad tablets in a few games
  • Lots of games available, including ones with characters that kids love including ones from Nickelodeon and Disney
  • Just For Me Learning – This is an exclusive LeapFrog technology that keeps kids challenged and engaged as it grows with your child’s abilities
  • The games utilize 2,600 skills to help kids develop a lifetime love for learning such as Reading, Math, Creativity, Foreign Language, Science, Problem Solving and more.
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Amazing resolution (1024 x 600) that is basically double the LeapPad 3 tablet
  • 8GB memory size perfect for downloading games (apps) onto the tablet, great too so you don’t have to buy actual cartridges of games.
  • 2MP camera on front and back – it can video record as well.
  • Includes 10 apps, 6 imagicards and a mini-game ($70 value)
  • Designed for kids 3-9 years old
  • Available in green or purple

My kids have been having a blast with the LeapFrog Platinum. My daughter loves how it is the same size as other tablets we have and how she can bring the Imagicards to life. She doesn’t notice of course the speed or memory that increased but I appreciate it! I love being able to download games rather than carrying around cartridges, it makes it seem more like a tablet rather than a game system. I do feel this tablet is pretty durable and love that so much was put into it to make it kid-friendly. Even though my kids play with other tablets and go on game and video sites, they haven’t even noticed that this tablet is missing that. They are totally fine with what is available on the LeapPad and have yet to get bored with it.

leappad platinum 2

leappad platinum 3

leappad platinum 4

LeapFrog App store:

leappad platinum 6

The front:

leappad platinum 7

The back:

leappad platinum 8

4 profiles can be set up:

leappad platinum 9

Parental control you can set for play time, although I don’t restrict my kids on the LeapPad because I am love how much they are learning from it:

leappad platinum 10

Parent settings:

leappad platinum 11

So many apps included right out of the box:

leappad platinum 12

leappad platinum 13

Fun mini game:

leappad platinum 14

Cool picture my son made with his friend and some TMNT after scanning a TMNT Imagicard:

leappad platinum 15

Videos my boys have recorded:

leappad platinum 16

Stylus included:

leappad platinum 17

These are all additional games I am downloading from my LeapFrog account that I previously purchased for our other LeapFrog tablets:

leappad platinum 18

Cartridges from other LeapPad tablets work in here:

leappad platinum 19

The one big addition to the new LeapPad device is Imagicards. They are cards that you scan with the LeapPad camera that bring characters to life in a downloadable learning game. You get six Imagicards with the LeapPad Platinum but then you can buy additional card sets. The included Imagicards feature a great variety of what the cards can do and who they feature. Kids can play with the cards on a play mat or through a digital card gallery that enables kids to play on the go without the cards in hand.

leappad platinum 1

I also made a video about the LeapPad Platinum:

I also got the LeapFrog Imagicard Paw Patrol to check out and they were an immediate hit! These cards focus on adventures with the Paw Patrol gang pups, numbers 1-20 and a few shapes. My 3 year old needs help with her alphabet and numbers and these cards have been a great help for her already. The game has been helping her recognize her numbers and hopefully she will get those under her belt before preschool starts up again. I am so impressed with how well these cards work, sometimes extras can be tricky but these cards work from the beginning. They only took my daughter about two tries before she had the hang of it and now has no trouble scanning the cards and maneuvering them. The game also prompts kids which card to scan if they don’t know which one. Don’t have the cards handy? Not a problem you can play the game without them, cards just pop up on the screen and you swipe to it. You can even play with the cards without the LeapPad but sorting them on the included playmat, which is basically just a thin poster but its something.

leappad imagicard 1

leappad imagicard 2

leappad platinum 5

leappad imagicard 3

leappad imagicard 4

I made a video of my daughter using the LeapFrog Imagicard Paw Patrol cards:

BUY IT:  The LeapPad Platinum can be purchased for $129.99 direct from the LeapFrog website or find the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum on Amazon. You can also find the LeapFrog Imagicards for $24.99.

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  1. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I would love to get this for one of my nieces for christmas.My oldest niece already has one,and i know the 3 year old likes to use it which is good but she needs to have her own.LeapFrog is always coming out with awesome stuff

  2. it is so important to me as a parent and consumer that old products are not made obsolete every year. upgrading every few years is fine, but really, every year is annoying! LOL. i love the addition of imagicards, too!

  3. Deborah Caudill says:

    This LeapFrog LeapPad is amazing. Thank you so much for such a thorough and informative review. My son will be 26 this month, and he had several LeapFrog products when he was a child. They have really come a long way, but I suppose the technology wasn’t there when my son was a child.

  4. The kids are going to just love this. Also you are going to like that they are just consumed with this and that they develop an imagination from it.

  5. These have so much to offer for kids. I think they are definitely worth the buy.

  6. will so be looking into this looks so awesome and my grand-daughter woiuld love it

  7. I love how Leapfrog continues to improve their Leappad! I won a Leappad Ultra for my daughter a couple years ago, but the camera on it doesn’t take pictures that are nearly as nice as Leappad Platinum! That’s such a great feature that lets kids capture the things that are important to them!