No More Date Night Excuses Thanks to Date Night Now by Sittercity

Disclosure: I partnered with Sittercity to share this information.

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Before kids, my husband and I went out all the time and definitely took our freedom for granted. Then we had our first child and we still went out occasionally but no where near as much as before kids. Then we had another baby and another baby and going out became something we were lucky if we could do for even just special occasions. Finding a babysitter is just something that I never really took the time to do so we have only gone out when our family could babysit.

Now that my kids are a little bigger I finally feel more comfortable leaving them with a babysitter and I am starting to explore my options. I’d love to have something on hand to use for when we need a babysitter, especially for last minute occasions.

Well Sittercity  has launched a new service called Date Night Now that allows parents to find, book and pay their sitter all through an easy-to-use website – even for last minute needs. It is basically an on-demand babysitting service that has launched so far in Chicago and NYC.

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Sittercity is committed to helping parents find more than childcare. Only the best sitters and nannies who challenge, nurture and enrich kids are available through Sittercity. They also want the sitter that is the best match for each family, which they match through caregiver profiles and reviews. Each babysitter and nanny is also screened through a background check.

While many people are looking for a long-term babysitter or nanny, which Sittercity is a great resource for, sometimes a last minute sitter is what is needed. Date Night Now takes all the work out of finding someone and even paying for their services online so you don’t have to deal with cash or ATM trips. They actually meet 100% of thier Date Night sitters in person as well as have enhanced background checks, prior sitting experience and a Sittercity-verified photo. I love that they screen all employees ahead of time as it is one less thing a parent has to worry about.

Can anyone become a sitter for Date Night Now?

Nope! Date Night Now is an invite-only program for Sittercity sitters with strong background and expierences.

Their checks include:

  • Meeting every sitter in person
  • In-person identity authentication and a review against certain public registries.
  • An Enhanced Background Check
  • A one-on-one conversation with a Date Night Now support team member
  • Review of online social profiles
  • Continuous monitoring of parent feedback and ratings

Here is an example of some of the options I found:

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How is Date Night Now different than other childcare options on the market?

Date Night Now was launched as an entirely new approach to babysitting. With so many of today’s moms being mobile-savvy, Date Night Now allows moms to book a great sitter who matches their schedule and needs. Moms pick a date and view three available sitters to choose from and voilah you’ll have a great new sitter! Yep it is narrowed down to three choices so its not overwhelming either to pick from. If you want to use that same sitter again it is super easy to book her again.  You can book up to two weeks in advance or the day the before, but special requests can be accommodated as well.

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As far as payment goes, you pay for the sitter with a credit card and you just pay for the sitter. There are no membership fees or annual dues, just a flat rate for the first four hours and then an hourly rate after that.

While the neighbor girl down the street may be great, she might not be exactly what you’d like or maybe you don’t know anyone in the neighborhood who babysits. You also don’t have to waste time going back and forth with texting a babysitter as with Date Night Now users can see exactly who is available each night. No more taking a babysit to date night because you can’t find a babysitter! Date Night Now from Sittercity sounds like it gives great peace of mind and makes it easy to find a babysitter for your family.

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  1. My fingers are crossed that they expand this service to San Diego- it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. Though our daughter is 19 mo old, we just had our first date since her birth yesterday. That only happened because his parents were in town! We realized we need to make a date a reoccurring thing. It was so relaxing, she did great and I think it’s important for our daughter to see that my husband and I have a strong relationship.