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Disclosure:  I am a Fox Home Ent Insider and will receive these DVDs to review in exchange for sharing this information.

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This past holiday weekend my family and trekked all over the place to celebrate the 4th of July. We went to my in-laws on Friday, had a huge BBQ at our house on Saturday, and then drove to my parents on Sunday. Both my parents and in-laws live 60 minutes away North and South so my kids spend a lot of time in the car since we visit them regularly. Honestly I am so grateful for tablets. Being stuck so close together in the car for an hour is rough for me, I know my kids get frustrated and bored. So if I know they are not going to sleep in the car, which is what I always try for first, I let them use their tablets.

Well with Home being released on Digital HD a month before the Blu-ray/DVD comes out and the movie being about a road trip, I figured it was the perfect movie for our 4th of July road trip craziness! By purchasing Home on Digital HD you can download it onto a platform then device or your choosing.

home movie poster

fox redeem movie options

I had choose iTunes so my kids could watch the movie on our new iPad. We had received a Home Road Trip Prize Pack with lots of goodies to help with our road trip and it was definitely both helpful and fun.

home movie prize pack

I packed up a bag of some Home goodies and snacks and we headed out on the road.

home road trip 1

There are not many times my boys play nice together, without fighting, but they sat so good for the whole movie in the car watching Home. I had added an earbud splitter so two pairs of earbuds could be used and the car ride went so smooth!

home road trip 4

“Look mom, it works!”

home road trip 6

Olivia didn’t get to watch the movie but she did get to hold her new buddy Oh:

home road trip 3

We were able to watch the digital copy of Home in the car because after I bought it, I downloaded it onto our device so no Wi-Fi was needed in the car to stream the movie. So do keep that in mind if you purchase a digital copy of a movie otherwise you’ll start driving and the movie won’t work because its not downloaded but rather sitting “in the cloud” so to speak.

Movie downloaded at home before hitting the road:

home road trip 2

Visit here to purchase Home on Digital HD for your early access before the Blu-ray release.

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  1. brenda boone says:

    great love this instead of hearing ARE WE THERE YET.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I love that cute little Oh doll! My grandson would love to have one, too!

  3. oh my what fun perfect for a road trip keeps those little hands busy and children from getting bored Yeah