Philips Airfryer Home30 Challenge

Disclosure: I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.


Do you think you could cook a healthy, home-cooked meal everyday for your family? To me it sound impossible. My family gets sick of the same ole’ same ole’ meals and we either go out to eat or I end up cooking meals like a short-order cook.  I think that too is my problem is I started letting my kids dictate what they wanted for dinner which in turn causes me to cook multiple meals.  Chicken nuggets for my daughter, pasta for my oldest and grilled cheese for my middle child.  I have been getting better or should I say they have been getting better at trying new things.

Well Philips has come out with a product that makes it easy to create those healthy, home cooked meals every day for your family that they will want to eat! They are calling it the Home30 Challenge. It is their spin on the Whole30’ healthy food plan that’s currently all the rage! You won’t have to sacrifice taste or quality of food and with just minimal cleanup and minutes of cooking time!


  • Is fast, easy to use and requires minimal cleanup
  • Fries, roasts, bakes and grills in a matter of minutes – pop in the food, set the time and walk away!
  • Mom’s secret weapon for creating healthy, homemade meals with 70% less fat    
  • Uses Rapid Air Technology with speed and precision to fry foods the healthy way

philips airfryer

I am definitely interested in cooking at home more and with the features of the Philips Airfryer, it sounds right up my alley.  While I am not ready to commit to using the Philips Airfryer everyday, who knows maybe by the end of the challenge I will have learned to not live without it!  I am always up for a challenge!

With meals like these, it definitely has sparked my interest!

philips airfyer 1

philips airfyer 2

Do you think you are ready to join the movement and cook everyday for your family?



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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I have one of these Air Fryers, and I can not live without it. In the summer I can cook my families dinner without using the oven, and the food tastes so good and it is worth every penny buying this machine. If the one I have breaks down, I will be getting a new one!!

  2. Jeani b says:

    i cook 4 meals a day, given our family schedule. not everyone eats at the same time. this looks like it would be helpful.

  3. vickie couturier says:

    i cook everyday anyway,,but this would be nice to have for the kitchen