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With so many apps out there it can be overwhelming to find one that will engage your child both creatively and educationally. While I do let my kids play games on their tablets, I also want them to do more than just drive a car or blast a zombie. Well I have found an app that not only brings animals to life but it also teaches various animal facts.

ZooKazam is an amazing Augmented Reality experience that will blow the user’s mind. The app uses the magical world of animals with users taking pictures and videos of with to see them come to life. Augmented Reality brings a physical, real-world experience to the user by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics.

When you first open up the ZooKazam app, you can register with either your email address or Facebook. You could also select the skip option and not register.

Once in the app, the user can select from a few animals. You do have to print a template from the website or you can use a $1 bill as the template which is how the animal is brought to life.

The user just has to aim their device’s camera to the target and watch the magic happen!

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Here are some of our creations:

zookazam 1 zookazam 2 zookazam 3

My kids think its so cool to see the animals in our house, our car and even our backyard. I can see the creativity turning in their heads over what they will come up next. The only problem we have is them fighting over who is using the app! Very cool to play around with and like I mentioned it even teaches some animal facts.


Mammals are free and it costs $0.99 to unlock all other categories.

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CHECK OUT: Download ZooKazam for free to get started on either the App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Nataile Brown says:

    This app looks so cool! I wouldn’t mind using it. My grandson loves animals so I’m for sure checking this out. The graphic are so good too!

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