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I received the products below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Every month I get some great books from Parragon books that my family gets to enjoy. The latest books I received were hits as expected.

Who is Parragon Books?

Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, we make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe.

So what books did I get?

Spot A Lot Animals

Spot A Lot Animals 1

$7.99 – Paperback Book in box

Read the storybook, then play with the jigsaw puzzle! There’s trouble at the zoo today… The animals have run away! Gibbons swinging and playing on the jungle gym, zebras camouflaged on the crosswalk, penguins keeping cool in the swimming pool… The animals are everywhere! Look very carefully as you help the zookeeper count and spot all the zoo runaways in this great animal escape.

Spot A Lot Animals 2

This is a great kit for the price. You get a paperback Spot A Lot book along with a puzzle. The puzzle is a regular puzzle on one side and the other side can be colored. You don’t get crayons, but any will do. The 36 puzzle pieces are big and chunky, perfect for little hands. Everything is stored in a nice, cardboard box with a handle. What a really like about the Spot A Lot book is its like an I Spy book but for younger kids. Each page says something like “3 orange gazelles jumping high” or “8 penguins keeping cool.” Then on the pages are fun illustrations where your child can count the animals or find various things. My kids sit for what seems like hours just looking at this book and the puzzle. It would make a great gift for any child.

Human Body Factivity Kit

amazing human body kit 1

$14.99 – Kit

Journey inside the amazing Human Body! Build the skeleton, learn the facts, and complete the activities, puzzles, mazes, and more. Learning has never been this much fun! Includes 20 piece Human Skeleton model to build and play. Book contains hundreds of facts and loads of activities for hours of fun!

amazing human body kit 2

This is a kit that includes a 20 piece skeleton with stand as well as a book. The skeleton is plastic and once put together its not really one to play with, more of one just to display as it doesn’t stay together really when moved. It is great though for kids to see what the bones look like and where they go. My kids are young now but I think when they are older and learning about bones in science, this will be a great reference. To give you an idea of size, its maybe 8 inches tall. The book though is really awesome and features 125 pages of activities. Kids can write throughout the book and complete various activities. There are facts throughout this book that feature a little of everything science-related. I think we will start reading this book every night just to give my kids facts to soak in. There is so much packed in it with health and science. I really like this book as an adult and there is so much I didn’t even know!

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amazing human body kit 1 Spot A Lot Animals 1

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  1. spot a lot of animals .

  2. Id choose Spot A lot of Animals. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  3. I would choose the human body

  4. kathy pease says:

    I would pick Spot A Lot Animals

  5. I would pick the Human Body Factivity Kit & Book

  6. anne perry says:

    I would choose Human Body.

  7. Julie Matek says:

    I would choose the human body factivity book;) thanks for the chance!

  8. Holly Thomas says:

    I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit. It looks more educational and that’s what I love to have around the house!

  9. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit. It looks really interesting and something my kids would enjoy reading and doing.

  10. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    I would get the human body.

  11. Annmarie W. says:

    My niece would love the Human Body Factivity book!

  12. I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit for my granddaughter.

  13. Stephanie Bonck says:

    I would like the Human book Factivity because my kids are learning about the human anatomy. I love to make learning fun.

  14. I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit.

  15. I would choose Spot A Lot

  16. My grandchildren love animals so I would choose the Spot a Lot of Animals.

  17. janet woodling says:

    Human Body Factivity

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    I would chose Spot A Lot animals.

  19. vickie Couturier says:

    the human body factivity

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    I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit. Thanks.

  21. Spot A Lot Animals is an awesome book. Its very help full for raising kids. I personally recommend that book. Its a worthy book.

  22. lana simanovicki says:

    the animal one

  23. I’d definitely pick the skeleton! My husband was injured last year at work, and we’ve spent a lot of time dealing with the medical community in the last year. My daughter would love to have her very own skeleton to teach her “kids” (dolls) about anatomy!

  24. Wendy Caddy says:

    I would choose Human Body Factivia.

  25. the human body factivity book!

  26. Jenny Willis says:

    I would choose the human body factivity kit.

  27. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I love these books. The Spot it book would be neat for my son and learning about the body.

  28. I would choose the Human Body Factivity Kit.

  29. The Human Body Factivity Kit looks awesome!!! My son would love it!

  30. i would pick the human body book . this would be very handy right now .

  31. I guess my comment didn’t post. I’d choose Spot A Lot of Animals for my great niece and great nephew 🙂

  32. I would choose Spot A Lot Animals for my great niece and great nephew 🙂

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    I would choose Spot A Lot Animals. This looks like a great activity book!

  34. I would choose The Human Body Factivity Kit! My daughter would really enjoy it!

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